Insert Catchy Intro Title Here.

Dear Readers,

Do you know what an icebreaker is? If you do know, that is awesome. If you do not know, do not worry; an icebreaker usually involves an activity with people to interact with one another. Thus “breaks the ice” on that awkward silence/stares and people begin feel more comfortable with one another.

You are probably wondering why I started my first post talking about icebreakers. There is a reason; this is my icebreaker to my blog. I found it quite awkward for me to start a post and the only thing I could think of is to talk about how handy icebreakers are. #nerdalert. According to About Money, “Ice breakers requires participates to learn something about each other”. Here are five key things you must know about me: food, fashion, traveling, health and DIY projects are my five loves. Since I was raised to love what I do, I will be blogging about my five loves. Boom; my icebreaker is some what completed. To complete the icebreaker, I need feedback from you about my blog posts… So if you have the time to read my blog, I really appreciate it.

Just so everyone knows, I am not a “professional blogger” and I am not perfect. No one is perfect, except for Beyoncé. I am just a business student that is trying to be the best I can be. My main goals for this blog is to hopefully inspire others and make people smile. So lets begin!

Oh and before I forget, my name is Laura. Welcome to my world.

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