Mason Jars + Herb Garden.

Have you ever noticed there is that one person who only post pictures of the food they eat or the food they cook on their social media sites? If you have never met anyone like this, then look no further! Hi, I am that person. I love to cook, especially with fresh ingredients. I usually go to the farmers market for my fresh ingredients but sometimes I do not have the time to go. So to fix my situation, I purchased a basil plant and a peppermint plant for my kitchen… I am not going to lie, I felt quite grown up just purchasing these plants. Not sure why, but maybe purchasing herbs is the stepping-stones to adulthood?

Back to the herbs, I needed to plant the herbs into pots but I did not want to spend my time and money looking for pots that will fit my windowsill. My “oh-so-brilliant” solution; MASON JARS! (*Disclaimer: I am not a hipster; I am an impatient/excited herb owner who found jars in the kitchen to plant them). I put the herbs into the jars and added more soil if it needed it. The jars looked too plain for my kitchen, so I decided to add tweed ribbon onto my jars. All I did was measure the ribbon around the jar, cut the correct length and hot glued the ribbon to the jar. Voila! Now I have access to some fresh herbs in a cute jar.


It is a simple and easy idea that anyone can copy. If you like my idea, let me know! If you are super creative, I want to know how you store your herbs and how it looks in your kitchen. Get crafting, you crafty cat!

7 thoughts on “Mason Jars + Herb Garden.

  1. I put some succulents I. Mason jars and they are thriving. My herb garden is in terra cotta pots painted with chalk paint…I just b
    Label what I am growing! actually what Jim is growing.:) he is the one with the green thumb! This year we canned 36 quarts of fresh tomato sauce and I tried roasting tomatoes and canning them, oh my Lord are they amazing! I am so happy you love to cook!


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