The Search for the Perfect Coin Necklace.

This year I am really into the statement necklaces that have coins dangling from the chain. Here is the problem: I have extremely long hair. Every time I try on these types of necklaces, I always get it stuck in my hair. ALWAYS. It is an awkward situation to try to remove the jewelry, but it is even more awkward to go up to the counter to ask if they can help untangle me. Coined necklace: 0. Laura getting her hair pulled out by customer service employees: too many to count. After tugging and losing strands of hair, I no longer desire to purchase it.

I was about to give up on this type necklace but I FINALLY found the necklace that does not get caught in my hair! I found it at one of my local boutiques and it was reasonably priced. The necklace is heavy on the neck and makes a lot of noise when you move, but it looks amazing when you pair it with a bohemian type of outfit.


If you are looking for this exact necklace, the boutique I bought it at does not sell that necklace online. However I did find the exact same necklace on Gypsy Warrior but it cost a lot more than what I paid for… If you know where to get this necklace online for a more affordable price, comment below. If you know where to get necklaces similar to this one (and does not pull out your hair) comment below! Let’s help each other find the latest trending accessories 🙂

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