I can’t wear white after Labor Day?! Pish Posh.

After Labor Day Weekend, I still hear that famous old fashion rule, “No white after Labor Day”… People still believe in that rule? I thought the fashion world broke that rule in year 2006. I personally do not like this rule because I believe fashion should not have rules; fashion is a creative way to express oneself through the power of clothes.

So how did this rule come into play? Centuries ago, air conditioning was non-existent; so wearing white, which is a lighter weight, helped people stay cool during the summer. Labor Day Weekend represents the end of summer and going back to work; it also means an entire new look with a new wardrobe and a different color scheme. And thus, the rule was born (via. Time).

If you must know, these are the reasons why I still wear white after Labor Day:

photo 4



  1. A white top makes my skin completion look tan.
  2. Where I am from, it does not get cold until late October.
  3. If I am not wearing the color white, I am wearing the color black or other neutral colors.
  4. I like wearing the color white.



Do you wear white after Labor Day? I am obsessed with the white on white trend, are you? If you love this trend as much as I do, let me know below and show me your white on white outfits after Labor Day. Thanks for reading everyone, have a good Saturday!

photo 3



  • Dress: Stella Laguna
  • Purse: Zara
  • Shoes: Birkenstocks
  • Necklace: local boutique
  • Sunglasses: local boutique

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