The Romper Struggle is Real.

Rompers; one of the hottest fashion trends. It is an easy way to look stylish and effortless. However, if you are like me, finding a romper can be an ordeal experience. First of all, let me start off by saying trying on a romper is a struggle itself; you give yourself wedgies just by putting your arms through the straps. Some rompers look like it was made for children and some rompers accentuate the lovely (*hint hint sarcasm) camel toe. Other rompers requires the assistances of strangers to help with the zipper in the back. And do not even get me started on trying to go to the restroom with a romper on.

If you ever felt like this and still want to find a romper, my advice is to not give up looking for one. This year I purchased not just one, but two rompers; I wore one in Rome this summer and it was perfect to wear around the Coliseum. I recently found a long sleeved romper that I love to pair with nude booties and a floppy hat.


 I noticed there are physical similarities to the two rompers and I thought today’s post would be giving advice on how to find a good romper to wear.

  • Find a romper that hits on your waist.
    • Rompers come in all shapes and sizes; I have tried on rompers that hit below my belly button and it looked absolutely terrible on me. Finding a romper that hits exactly on the waist is what I consider the “perfect fit”.
  • Wear a thin belt with the romper.
    • A very common fashion advice, but when you wear a belt, it accentuates your waist creating a hourglass figure.
  •  Find a fitted V- neck romper.
    • Do you know why I love v-neck tees? It makes me look slimmer compared to a regular t-shirt. So if a v-neck tee can do that, think of what a fitted V-neck romper can do.
  •  Straps are your friend.
    • I have broad shoulders; so wearing a strapless romper makes me look top heavy or it gives the appearance that I have “droopy boobies”. If you want a romper without sleeves, look for straps that are at least two inches thick.
  •  Find a comfortable length.
    • I am 5’ 6” and sometimes I feel like these rompers are made for people that are 5 foot and shorter. Some cut lengths, on the rompers, are extremely short for my legs and makes me look like I am wearing an original Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz tour outfit. Miley can rock them, Laura cannot. So just find a length that you feel comfortable wearing.

If you still cannot find the romper of your dreams, then do not fret. Always go for the romper’s first cousin: the jumpsuit. Who knows, maybe your dream romper will available to you later on. I hope this advice helps you find your perfect romper; let me know below if it did! I also want to know about your experiences on trying to find a romper- so comment below if you want to share. Have a great day everyone!


Romper: Boutique; Belt: Boutique; Sunglasses: Nasty Gal; Purse: Zara; Shoes: Steve Madden; Hat: Free People.

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