My Love-Hate Relationship with Green Juices.

Two years ago, my friend Melanie asked me if I wanted to get a juice with her. When she said, “juice” I was thinking of fresh orange juice. I was completely off; I was handed what looked like the aftermath clippings of a mowed lawn but water was added in it. It also reminded me of the wheat grass shots I use to do at Jamba Juice but in an 16 ounce cup. This juice I was about to consume was called, “The Green Monster” and it was made up with: organic celery, organic kale, organic parsley, organic cucumber and organic spinach. Basically, organic green vegetables.

From what I recall on my first experience drinking a “The Green Monster”, it reminded me of the time I fell on the playground in elementary school, landed on my face with my mouth opened and was left with a mouthful of grass… It was gross. Today, if you asked me if I want to get a green juice, I will.  However, if I get a Green Monster I need to add a slice of lemon and apple so the taste is not as potent. If you are thinking, “so you love them now?” that is not the case. I have this weird love-hate relationship with green juices and here is why:

Love Green Juices:

  • Drinking your Vegetables and Fruits
    • I am a vegetable and fruit eater; for those who do not enjoy eating fruits and vegetables, then this might be a good option for you.
  • Lunch on the Go
    • I am busy with school and sometimes I do not have the time to eat lunch. So for convenience, I grab a juice. (* I eat lunch, I promise. So please do not assume I am avoiding a meal).
  • Bragging Rights
    • I hate to say this, but when you are drinking vegetables you have this feeling inside of you that screams, “why yes I am drinking vegetables! I feel FABULOUS and I need to do a hair flip!” I feel like this is how Beyoncé feels about her life.

Loathe Green Juices:

  • I am literally drinking veggies for lunch
    • Sometimes these green juices fill me up, and some do not.. The days it does not I get hungry and lose the point of “lunch on the go”.
  • Lose Fiber
    • “When you juice, you don’t get the fiber that’s in whole fruits and vegetables. Juicing machines extract the juice and leave behind the pulp, which has fiber.” (via WebMD)
  • Spend your Greens to get Greens
    • The price of buying juice can be expensive. I just purchased a 16 ounce green juice from Whole Foods and it was priced at $5.99.
    • If you juice at home, you have to purchase a lot of vegetables just to fill up one cup.
  • The Aftermath

If I had to label off my favorite green juice brands, it would probably be (in no particular order): Suja‘s Fiji; Pressed Juicery‘s Greens 2; Whole Foods‘ Tropical Greens and Lassens‘ Green Monster with lemon and apple slices. What are your favorite green juice brands? Comment below if you have similar feelings on how I feel about green juices. If green juices are not your thing, then do not worry about it. As long as you are adding fruits and vegetables into your diet, then no worries 🙂

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