Me, my Bed and H&M.

Since January, I wanted to get a new duvet for my bed to update my room. I am extremely picky on fabric, print, material and color; finding a duvet that fits my standards and blends well with my vintage/bohemian/woodland creature flow was going to be tough.

I am not one to give up especially on home decor but am sad to admit, I gave up. I could not find the duvet that I loved and that frustrated me. So I did what any frustrated college girl does; goes on Pinterest and envy pin. I came across the most unusual pin called, “H&M decor”. Being the curious cat I am, I clicked on it and my mind exploded; H&M SELLS HOMEWARE AND HOME ACCESSORIES!!!

The H&M website has living room, kitchen, bathroom etc. Basically H&M made me fall in love all over again. I sadly still did not find the duvet, but I did find the second best thing; new throw pillows. I feel that a throw pillow can definitely change the look of a piece of furniture and it is not as expensive compared to a duvet.

I decided to purchase three throw pillows: a velvet grey triangle pillow, a cream color fur pillow and a teal velvet pillow that has a bird printed on it.


I absolutely love them, so thank you H&M for helping me update my room! Just know, I thought these were pillows when I purchased them, but they were actually 16 x 16 pillow cases… The lesson for the day is to read everything. So if you do decide to purchase these, make sure to have a 16 x 16 pillow. Also, it took around a week and a half to come in the mail so be patient. Did you guys know that H&M sells home decor? Comment below if you did and I would love to know what home decor you bought from H&M 🙂

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