Peter Pan Collars + Jewel Embellishments.

Hello Everyone!

I have a fashion confession to make; I am in love with the jewel embellishments and peter pan collar trends. Something you must know about me, I do not like bling or girly clothing; I am a leather, lace, 90s fashion type of girl. Ladies, if you are like me and want to try wearing the jewel embellishments trend without looking like a 7 year old’s glitter project, I think I can help our situation. Find a top that the jewel embellishments form an unique pattern but has “white space” for the jewels. White space, in a fashion sense, is the space between the jewel and the fabric. This give the appearance that the jewels are not as sparkly compared to a giant cluster of jewels. The open space jewel embellishments still has an edgy look but a twist on bling.

Then there is the peter pan collars; I have always thought peter pan collars can make any fashion statement look nice but it was too girly for my taste. I also noticed girls wear their peter pan collars with a bright/happy colors, which is a color scheme I am not friends with. I wear black, white, jean and grey; if there was a darker color than black, I would be wearing it. I also believed that the boyish body shape frame could only rock pan collars; I do not have a boy shape frame, I have boobs and curves. I have always strained away from this trend until this year; I found a black long sleeved crop top with a pure white peter pan collar from Zara. If Wednesday Addams found this top, she would ditched the dress in a heartless heartbeat. And guess what else; it looked nice on my body frame and I am in love with this top! Now I can pretend that I am a classy British lady who speaks properly, even though I am from California and this post probably has tons of grammar errors… Sorry dudes. Fashion lesson for the day: “don’t knock it till you try it”.   

Today the weather finally went down to 80 degrees and to celebrate the cool down, I decided to wear a top that has jewel embellishments and a peter pan collar; I found a short black sleeved top that has a white peter pan collar with a bee shaped jewel embellishments. Since the top is not tight, somewhat shapeless, and cuts right above my hip, I paired this top with high waited black leggings (I know frequent readers, I have addiction with high waisted everything). To finish off the look I wore 3″ black leather booties. ***Illusion Tip: match the color of your pants to the color of your shoes. The same color from pants to shoes gives the illusion that your legs are longer than they really are.

photo     photo 2

What fashion trends are you going rock this fall? I am quite curious what you would like to see for future blog post. Would you rather read more fashion posts, DIY posts, health posts or keep it as is… comment below, I would love to hear your feedback. Have a great weekend everyone!


photo 1





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