All you need is LUSH.

Hello Everyone!

Can I just say, Mazel Tov on surviving Monday! You did it!!! For me, today felt like it was dragging on; I just wanted to go home, drink a cup a tea, put on a bath and just relax with some sweet Damien Rice music playing in the background. As I was sitting in my bath, I was trying to figure out future blog posts when I realized I am literally sitting in my next post; my LUSH bubble bath and bath bomb. Not just the bath, but my favorite LUSH products. After my bath and tweeting about bath bombs, my friend Valerie asked me what products she should buy from LUSH Cosmetics. Instead of posting this next week, I figured why not post it today! (Hi Valerie!)

So my dear readers, here are my top favorite LUSH products:

  • Bath Bombs
    • Growing up, my parents would called me their water baby because I loved being in water, especially baths. I am 22 years old and I still love a good bath #sorrynotsorry. I love LUSH’s bath bombs because not only does it fizzle in the water, but there are multiple layers of colors and amazing scents that come out of the bath bombs. Certain bombs release a different scents and colors but it always reminds me of the food fight scene the lost boys have from the movie, Hook. My absolute favorite bath bombs would be: Phoenix Rising, Fizzbanger, Twilight, Space Girl, and Butterball.
  • Bubble Bars
    • If you are taking a bath, you need bubbles; “We deserve bubbles on our skin” -Starkids. Sunnyside was my first bubble bar purchase and I am constantly purchasing this bar. Sunnyside releases gold flakes when it hits the water and it smells like oranges. It just screams amazing. I recently purchased the Rose Jam Bubbleroon and I am in love with it! Not only does it look like an adorable dessert, but it makes your skin feel super smooth after taking a bath. The great thing about LUSH’s bubble bars is you do not need to use the entire bar for tons of bubbles; you can use half of a bar and still have that perfect bubble bath.
  • Face Masks
    • I have terrible skin so I am always trying to find a good face mask for my situation. The Cosmetic Warrior has helped clear my acne and makes my skin glow.. The one thing I must warn you, it has garlic as an ingredient and the garlic smell is extremely potent. My friend introduced me to Cupcake and it looks and smells like brownie batter; there has been times I wanted to lick it off my face. I started to use Cupcake a couple of days ago and already I can tell it has made my skin look and feel softer. ***KEEP LUSH FACE MASKS IN THE FRIDGE
  • Mint Julips Lip Scrub
    • A bad habit of mine is bitting my lower lip which leads to rough, peeling lips. LUSH has four different types of lip scrubs that you gently rub on your lips and it helps buff away the rough skin. The best part of the lip scrubs? You can lick off the excess! My favorite is the Mint Julips; it feels and taste refreshing.
  • Charity Pot
    • Charity Pot is the staple piece you need to get from LUSH. It smells amazing, it is lightweight and it hydrates your skin. But the best part of this body lotion is the money you spend on Charity Pot (minus taxes) will be donated to causes for people, animals and the environment. There are so many bonus points to this product, why would you not purchase it?!?

I hope my recommendations help you figure out what products to buy. Make sure to check out your nearest LUSH store or check them out online at! What are your favorite LUSH products? Let me know with a comment below! 🙂

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