Lorde, the Greek Theater & my Best Friend.

Hello everyone!!

I just got back from my trip.. If you did not read my last blog post, let me catch you up. My best friend and I decided to go on a mini road trip to see Lorde perform at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. So for today’s post I thought I would share my adventure with you.

First let me tell you about my best friend.

photo 2-1

Cara and I have been best friends since high school; if I could compare our friendship to anyone else it would have to be Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.  She’s the best friend that always makes me laugh, the person I can vent my problems to, and she’s willing to go on a random trip with me. Even though we are in our early 20s, we’re getting closer to that age that we will be done with school and have “big girl jobs”. So it’s nice that we still make time, from our busy schedules, to go on trips with each other.

Back to the trip, Google Maps decided to switch things up on us and take us through the most random route I’ve ever been on. We drove through a town that looked like it came from the movie, Footloose. We thought Google changed the routing to avoid Friday traffic. We were wrong; we hit traffic, road construction and winding roads. Although it was a nice scenic drive, it held us back an extra hour and a half to get to the hotel. The lesson today is sometimes technology is not your friend.

The Bay area is known for having cooler weather. Yesterday was not that case; Berkeley was hit with unexpected weather that was 88 degrees fahrenheit (or 31.1 degrees celsius for those who use celsius) with lots of sun. Most people wouldn’t be complaining about this but I am from the valley; the valley has too much sun and has hot weather. Valley locals leave to the coast or to the bay area to cool down from the heat. Imagine how I felt walking to the Greek Theater wearing boots, long sleeves sweater and jeans. I cannot believe that I am going to type this but I was sweating at the Greek Theater. My weather app lied to me. Technology was clearly not my friend yesterday. It was so warm that the Greek Theater workers were fountaining water to the people in the mosh pit so they did not overheat and faint.

If you have a chance to see Lorde perform live: DO IT. She’s not only an amazing singer and talented songwriter she’s also an amazing performer. You get to witness Lorde sing her hit songs, wear top designer outfits and watch her dance her famous dance moves! At the age of 17, it’s impressive to see that she’s marketed to a wide range of demographics. I witnessed grandparents, children, parents, college students and teenagers chanting her name last night. Parents, I am beyond thrilled that you are taking your kids to a concert. Not only are you involving your kids with the musical arts, but you are also making beautiful memories with them. However, control your kids; I know kids are difficult to control but do not let them kick people in the back of the head. It’s not cool and there’s no excuse to allow that behavior.

This post was somewhat boring, but I thought it would be nice to share… I love to travel and go to different places; where do you guys recommend me to visit for my next trip? Leave a comment below and I would love to see your responses. Also, if this post motivated you to see Lorde perform, she has four more tour dates in California; make sure to check it out at ticketmaster.com or stubhub.com!

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