What do you get the girl who has Everything?

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday was Marissa’s (aka “Kourtney”/ soul sister/ best friend) birthday!!!! Me and Marissa have been friends since I was 5 years old; we grew up in the same town, we went to the same church and our parents are family friends. When we went to college, she is the only roommate (out of the 9 roommates I had in the past) I lived with the longest. She is the Kourtney to my Khloe. It’s awesome to say this one of a kind person has been in my life forever.

Marissa loves cats and I decided this year I was going to get her a kitten for her birthday. Ironically and sadly, her boyfriend found out he is allergic to cats. My genius plan was no go. For weeks I kept thinking, “What do you get the girl who has everything?” It hit me; you get her everything that she likes. So for today’s blog post, I thought I would show you what I got her. This will hopefully give you guys some creative ideas on what to get your best friends for their birthdays.

Victoria Secret Gift Card


And on the first day Roy Raymond said, “let there be a place for women to spend their money to become an Angel”. That place is Victoria’s Secret and is one of Marissa’s favorite place to shop at. I was trying to figure out what to buy her but I figured a gift card would be the best choice.






This is one of those presents that people get and think to themselves, “umm yea… Thanks?” However, this is for Marissa. Marissa doesn’t like having her feet cold and she loves to sleep with socks on. I figured, since the weather is getting cooler she would want a pair of fluffy socks. I found these socks at Bath and Body Works; they are super soft and they are shea-infused. Also these socks are leopard print and she loves leopard printed items. Hence, going back to her love of cats.



Anti- Bacterial Hand Gel


Marissa is a nurse and she is surrounded by germs 24/7. I do not want her to get sick so I decided to get her a pocket size hand sanitizer with a cheetah print PocketPac Holder from Bath and Body Works. This is perfect to have on your purse or backpack.






Lush Bath Bomb


I have been trying to get Marissa addicted to Lush for a couple of months but she doesn’t have the time to shop. So I figured I should get her first bath bomb for her birthday. This is one of my favorite bath bombs and it’s Marissa’s favorite color. I also got the bath bomb wrapped in a Lush Scarf; the employee who wrapped it made it into a purse shape which I found pretty awesome. Lush does not do gift receipts but if you do not like the gifted item, you can always exchange it for something else.

Birthday Cards


I love a good card and I noticed people don’t give birthday cards as much. I got this card at a Hallmark store and I thought this was cute; If you pull the pinata stick, something fun happens.. I’ll let Marissa figure out what that is.






Well I hope this post inspired you to figure out what to get your friends for their birthday. Make sure to wish Marissa a late Happy Birthday by commenting below! Marissa, if you are reading this, I hope you enjoyed the present and had a good time yesterday! Have a great weekend everyone!


5 thoughts on “What do you get the girl who has Everything?

  1. Hi,
    You are such an AMAZING friend!
    I know this post was way back. But I just stumbled upon your blog.
    May I know what happens when you pull the piñata stick?
    I am intrigued!!! Pretty please. 🙂


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