Pumpkins & Glitter & October… Oh My!

Hello Everyone!

October is coming to an end, so I figured I should get some pumpkins and do a crafty cat project! Marissa and I decided to carve pumpkins weeks ago but we both agreed that carving pumpkins is kinda dangerous. Think about it; our parents let us use a knife to cut open and carve a pumpkin… What were they thinking?! So instead of carving pumpkins, Marissa and I decided to decorate our pumpkins with glitter!

For this project, you will need: pumpkins, glitter, paint and paint brush



I decided I wanted to do 4 glitter pumpkins: 1 large orange pumpkin, 2 small white pumpkins and 1 flat orange/ white pumpkin.

Marissa and I got ours at our closest pumpkin patch but I know Trader Joes sells pumpkins for a very reasonable price.





I like the color gold and I thought this was a good color for November also. I had three different types of paints: a gold paint, an off white paint and a glitter paint. I also had two different types of glitter; one was just gold glitter and the other was a gold glitter glue. You can get these items from any craft store.

I started off with my two white little pumpkins and used the glitter glue for both. 


I decided to put the glitter on the pumpkin’s creases. Using the glitter glue was alot easier to apply on the pumpkin and made less of a mess. I tried to make the lines go from thick to thin.


For my second pumpkin, I started to do the lines again but I figured I should do something different. So I got my paint brush and spread the glitter glue onto the pumpkin. Think of a glitter ombre; the top has more glitter and the bottom fades out. Then I reapplied glitter glue on the creases to make it stand out.

After my two small white pumpkins, I went with the large orange pumpkin



I combined the glitter gold paint and the solid gold paint together. After realizing it did not stand out on the pumpkin, I decided to add an off white color. My little painting accident gave my pumpkin decoration a two color effect with hits of glitter.




 I wanted my pumpkin to look like a glitter ombre, so I made sure the top of my pumpkin was covered in glitter first. To do a glitter ombre, make sure there is tons of glitter on the top and it looks like it eventually fades. I also added some glitter to the stem of my pumpkin as well.

        image5                  image6

 For the flat pumpkin, I decided to go glitter crazy



I painted the entire pumpkin with paint and just threw tons of glitter onto it. My goal for this pumpkin was to make it look like something from Liberace’s halloween party. In the end, it should look like a glitter mess.



And there you have it! I placed my pumpkins next to my fireplace to make my place look more festive.


The best part of this project is getting to use these glitter pumpkins for October decorations and November decorations. Also, glitter pumpkins last longer compared to a carved pumpkin. Think of all the money you are saving on fall decorations! To my parent readers, this project is A LOT safer compared to carving pumpkins. Instead of paint, little kids just need to add glue and sprinkle glitter onto it.

Well I hope this post inspired you to run to your closest pumpkin patch to create your own glitter pumpkin! If you liked this post, make sure to comment below and click that like button. Have an awesome day everyone!

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