Halloween DIY Costume.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

If you’re like me, you love halloween festivities and getting dressed up. I usually buy my outfit from a halloween store or do a last minute costume by looking through my closet but this year I decided to put my crafty cat skills to the test.

I decided to be a deer for halloween but I needed to make an antler headband. I went to every college girls’ favorite creative website (aka Pinterest) to get some ideas on how to create one. Not to my surprise, I found a pinner that fit my needs. I decided to use Arbitrary Ambrosia‘s instructions but with my own twist to make the headband.

To make the Antlers, you will need:


 Flour, tin foil, newspaper strips and water

Step 1: “Crumble and fold the tin foil into an antler shape.

Step 2: “Make the paper mache paste by combining the flour and water.” I did 1/2 cup of flour and 1 cup of water to make the paste. You could also use mod podge as the glue.

IMG_9807Step 3: “Cover the tin foil antlers with the paste and newspaper. If you have never paper mached before, you need to dip the newspaper strip into the paper mache paste first. Once the paper is saturated lay it on the antler form and smooth it down with your fingers. Do this until the antler is covered in newspaper. Layering more newspaper layers will make the antlers thicker. Once you have your desired paper mached antlers, let it dry for a day.”

Step 4: Once it is dry, paint your antlers whatever color you desire; I painted mine off white.

For the headband, you will need:


Flowers, Sticks (Not pictured: copper wire, ribbon, thick material headband and hot glue)

Depending on what you like, you can add whatever you want on your headband. I picked fake flowers and some gold sparkly sticks for my headband.

Step 1: hot glue the ribbon onto the headband; I couldn’t find a headband that matched my dark hair so I covered a grey headband with a black ribbon.

IMG_9809Step 2: Hot glue the antlers onto the headband. My antlers were a bit heavy to stay on the headband with just hot glue; I got black copper wire and tied them onto the headband to make it more sturdy.


Step 3: Whatever you figured out what you want to put on your headband, hot glue that onto the headband. I found it easier to hot glue my flowers with a model head.. I didn’t have a model head and I refuse to hot glue my flowers while wearing the headband on my head because that is obviously dangerous.

I used the second best thing I had lying around my house, a decorative skull. Depending on what you like, you need to glue your items onto the headband and see where it goes.


I absolutely love how it came out; I also decided I am going to paint my face like a deer for today. I hope this post inspired you to craft up your own halloween costumes.. This did take quite a bit of time (exactly one week) for me to make so make sure you have the time when you make yours. Hope everyone has a happy and safe halloween!

One thought on “Halloween DIY Costume.

  1. I love it! I saw another one of my friends actually do the same thing. Very cool though. I would’ve never thought to do something like that.


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