Vegans can get food poisoning too.

I’ve only gotten food poisoning twice in my 22 years of existence; the first time was when I was 14 years old when I ate a take away California roll. The second time I got food poisoning was these past couple of days. I’m 100% positive it was my eggplant mushroom rice bowl. Either way, I am living the scene from the movie Bridesmaids.

I’ll admit, this is a gross post but we need to remind others to always check the expiration date on foods. If you have never dealt with food poisoning, you are a lucky duck. Food poisoning feels like a terrible flu with a combination of going to the bathroom multiple times in a day… I really don’t want to go into specific details when you do get food poisoning, so here’s a link for you.

The frustrating part is feeling weak, having abdominal pains and not having the power to do anything. I have 3 exams to study for and I just want to sleep. Just trust me on this, it’s not fun.

So friends, please please please check the expiration dates; always look to see if your food has gone bad; listen to the news when they report recalls on specific foods and whatever you do, do not eat the same food that got you sick after recovering from the day before. I don’t want you guys to go through the same situation I’m going through.

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