DIY Christmas Banner.

Hello Everyone!

The end of Thanksgiving means the birth of Christmas decorations. I love decorating my house but purchasing Christmas decor can be expensive. This year I decided why not make my own Christmas banner for my fireplace. It was easy to create, it’s inexpensive and it looks adorable.

You will need:


Fabric, fabric scissors, stencil letters, triangle shape cut out, paint, paint brush, glitter, hemp yarn, hot glue, and a piece of chalk.

(I purchased my fabric, fabric scissors and stencil letters from Joann. I had the rest of supplies before I started this project.)

Step 1: Cut the Fabric


Place your cut out on the edge of your material. I taped four note cards together and cut it into a triangle shape. I purchased a yard of fabric but I have tons of leftover material. I would recommend a half yard or less.


Trace the triangle with Chalk.


Cut the material. Do this for each letter; since my banner is “Be Merry” I cut seven triangles. I would advice to cut an extra triangle just in case something happens.

Step 2: Paint and Glitter the Letters


Place the letter stencil on the fabric. I painted the “Be” with gold paint. Make sure to add paper or newspaper underneath while painting the letter on.


Once you are done painting the letter, put glitter on top before it dries. When I pulled the stencil, the glitter did not cover the letter completely so make sure to add more glitter onto it.


Shake the excess glitter off and let it dry. Do this for the rest of the letters.

For the “Merry” part of my banner, I did the same steps but used a white paint with a translucent glitter.

IMG_0093 IMG_0092

Step 3: Hot glue the Letters on the Yarn


Depending how big your fireplace is or how low you want your banner to be place, I cannot tell you how much hemp yarn you need. I would recommend marking your yarn so you can see where to place the first and last letters.


Hot glue the hemp yarn near the top of the material; leave some space for the top. I hot glued the first and last letters (B and Y) first so I know how much space I will be using for the rest.


Finished Product:


The end results should look like this. I hung my banner with Command hook strips. Once the holidays are over, I just peel the command strip off. No mess= no stress.

If today’s post inspired you to make your own banner, please send me pictures and click the like button. I hope everyone has fun creating their own banners. This project is not just for Christmas; you can make an engagement banner, birthday banner etc. Have a great day everyone and I hope you guys survived Black Friday!

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