Christmas presents under $30.

Hello Everyone!

The month of December is when the stock market goes up due to people purchasing an abundance Christmas gifts. I love buying gifts for my family and friends but my shopping game can be too strong. There are times I don’t realize how much I spend after I put the bags down. Then I hear this voice that says, “Congrats now you’re poor. How are you going to buy Chipotle now?” This year, I decided to search for Christmas presents that are under $30 but were also the perfect present to give to love ones.

Anthropologie Golden Monogram Mug


Anthropologie released a limited edition monogram mug in gold. It’s like the black monogram mug but in gold (duh). I think these mugs are perfect for hot chocolate nights. This gorgeous mug is only $10.






Starbucks Advent Calendar 


I went to get Starbucks with a friend and I found a Starbucks Advent Calendar. The dates are in reusable color tins that contains different types of treats and a surprise gift card. This is the perfect gift for Starbucks lovers; I got this for my coffee/ chocolate lover friend. This present is $29.95. I really liked this gift because my friend gets to open a gift every single day until Christmas.



LUSH Christmas

LUSH has some of the most affordable Christmas presents. The best part is they are already pre-wrapped. LUSH has presents that are filled with bath bombs, shower gels, soaps and body butters. I think it just depends on the person’s favorite scent but here’s some Christmas pre-wrapped gifts under $30:

Yes Please

If you know someone who loves to read and also loves Amy Poehler this is the present to get; Amy Poehler just wrote her first book called, Yes Please.  This number one seller is only $14.50 on Amazon. I love Amy Poehler so this present is something that I would love to get (hint hint mother). 

Benefit- The Real Steal

s1635903-main-hero-300If you’ve read my blog posts in the past, I have talked about how much I love Benefit’s eyeliner. Recently, Benefit released a value set called The Real Steal. It has a sample size of the Benefit eyeliner AND a sample size of the benefit mascara. The value set’s name is true to its word; The Real Steal is $24. This is a steal!!! If you were to get the same eyeliner from the value set, but in a regular size, it costs $24. GO GET IT!!




One of my cousins had a baby shower and she received a Jellycat Giraffe. It is the softest stuffed animal I have ever felt. I was really tempted to take the giraffe home for myself… But I didn’t. I went online to see if they have any other animals and they do! This would be an amazing present for children and they cost around $20 at NordstromI am pretty sure if you looked around, you can find a cheaper Jellycat animal.




Personalized Calendars


December ending= a new year. Why not start your new year with a personalized calendar from Minted? You can personalize photo layouts, color options and add birthdays dates throughout the year. This calendar is 8″ x 11.5″ and is $29.



Those are some possible Christmas gifts that I found under $30. If you liked this post, make sure to click the like button and subscribe! Whatever you decide to get your family, friends, dog, weird hobo etc. they will love the gift you get them. Happy shopping everyone and I hope you have a wonderful day!

NOTE: These pictures are owned by the company that I credited in this post.

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