Lana in May completed my day.

Hello Everyone!

Today I had to wake up early to work on some Marketing projects. I didn’t want to leave my boyfriend (aka my bed) so I decided to do what any “normal” person does, checks their Twitter feed in bed. In that moment I witnessed the most magical tweet from Live Nation; PRESALE TICKETS ON SALE FOR LANA DEL REY. I woke up and had to tell my best friend, Bri, we need to get these tickets.

I went through four different emotions in less than an hour. The first emotion was panic; I was freaking out of the possibilities that I wasn’t going to get good tickets, the tickets were going to sell out during the presale or I would have technical difficulties with my computer. The second emotion was annoyance; if you watched the scene from Date Night when Tina Fey is screaming at the computer because of the stupid loading pinwheel, then you know what I looked like. Ticketmaster told me it would take “up to 5 minutes” to get my tickets. So I waited. And waited. And waited… Ticketmaster, it did not take “5 minutes” it took around 15 minutes. The third emotion was anger; when I got the tickets and tried to process my order, Ticketmaster kicked me out even though I didn’t run out of time. So I had to repeat the first and second emotions all over again. I was racing against the clock to get these tickets when I finally saw the light, “Congrats Laura, you are going to see Lana Del Rey!” The fourth emotion: beyond excitement.

Our hearts were hurting and we almost started to cry (technically I did cry but we are not going to say anything). Bri and I have been wanting to see Lana Del Rey perform for the longest time and we can finally say we are going to watch Lana Del Rey perform at the Hollywood Bowl in May!!! If you are dying to see her as much as we are, the *presale is still going on so make sure to check out Live Nation or click the picture below to go to the site! If you are waiting for the general public sale, it starts Saturday, December 6th at 10:00 am PST.  Hope to see you at the “Endless Summer” 2015 Tour!



*presale code: ELVIS.

The picture above is owned by Live Nation.


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