14 things I learned in 2014.

Hello Everyone!

As we say goodbye to the year 2014, I would like to share with my readers 14 things I learned this year.

1) Physically and mentally challenge yourself.

2) No matter how old you are, girls will still act like they are in high school.

3) Standing up for yourself does not make you a bitch.

4) The world is big and beautiful place.

5) Water is liquid gold.

6) Learn the language of the country before you travel… It will make life a lot easier.

7) I am quite fond of Taylor Swift’s song, Blank Space.

8) If someone with bad eyebrows and a terrible personality is being a mean to you, they don’t deserve your friendship. Smile and walk away.

9) Watermelon has two definitions (Thanks Beyonce).

10) When dealing with rude/ annoying people; take a step back, breathe, count to three and remember karma does not discriminate.

11) It’s ok to miss someone you once cared for.

12) Focus on the moment now; you don’t have to post, tweet and blog everything.

13)  Don’t take advantage of making memories with your family.

14) Change is good.

2014 was the best year. Thank you to all of my family, friends, frienemies, haters and followers for making this year the best. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Year! Goodbye 2014, and Hello 2015!!!

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