DIY Confetti Popper.

Hello everyone!!!

It’s been forever since I’ve blogged! I’ve been quite busy so I apologize for not blogging last Friday. Did you know there’s three more days till the new year?!? How crazy is that! I love having confetti poppers at New Years Parties so I decided this year I want to create my own.

You will need:

(Toilet Paper Tubes, Tissue Paper, Confetti, Ribbon, Double Stick Tape, & Scissors)

STEP 1: Make the Confetti


You can purchase precut confetti but I decided to cut leftover metallic box filler from a previous party my family hosted. Just know, when you cut your own confetti, it is very time consuming. To save some time, I added sequence pieces to the mix.

STEP 2: Cut Toilet Paper Tube in Half


STEP 3: Cut Tissue Paper

IMG_0332I cut the tissue paper down the middle and the third fold.

STEP 4: Double stick the toilet paper tube

IMG_0333 IMG_0334

Make sure to tape the separate pieces and place the rolls on the edge of the paper.

STEP 5: Start Rolling

IMG_0335 IMG_0336

Once you get to the end, use the double stick tape again to tape it together. I placed the tape between in the middle of the roll.

STEP 6: Cut the Ribbon


I cut each ribbon strip 5 inches. You need two pieces of ribbon for one Confetti Popper.

STEP 7: Tie and Fill

 IMG_0338Tie one end. If you decide to do a bow, cut the ribbon longer.

IMG_0339Start filling the other end with the confetti. I did two scoops of confetti.

IMG_0340Once you fill your popper, twist the end and tie the other side. Make sure to shake the popper so the confetti is throughout the popper.

* * * * *

I also made white confetti poppers. If you use the toilet paper roll for the white tissue paper, make sure to double the tissue paper so you can’t see the cardboard.


Once that ball drops at midnight, all you have to do is twist the popper for the confetti to come out. This project is fun but can be a bit time consuming. I found the most challenging part is to find empty rolls of toilet paper rolls and collecting tons of it. I did have to use some empty paper towel rolls for this project. If you liked today’s post, make sure to click the like button and comment below. Have fun you crafty cat!


Thank you to all of my friends and family members for donating me your empty toilet paper rolls!!!

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