Gift ideas for the Bride to be.

Hello Everyone!

I am at that age that my friends are getting engaged and I receive bridal shower/wedding invitations. This is an exciting time for my friends but this also means finding “the perfect gift” for your engaged friends. If your best friend is having a bridal shower, bachelorette party or is getting married, here are 5 unique gift ideas.

Custom Bridal Sash

IMG_0464  IMG_0462

When my friend Flor had her bridal shower, she wore a custom bridal sash that said “Future Mrs. Sozinho”. It was beyond adorable and I knew I needed to get my next engaged friend one. Two months later, my friend Brittany got engaged and I went on the cyber hunt to find one. I found a custom bridal sash on Etsy from CrystallizedDesign. I ordered this as a Christmas present but it didn’t come in until December 30th. If you need this sash right away, make sure to add a shipping speed to your cart. Caydi, the owner, is really nice and if you have any questions she responds right away.

Bridal Survival Kit

If you are on a budget but want to give a unique gift, make a survival kit for the day of the bride’s wedding. All you need is: needle and thread, chapstick, tissues, lint roller, nail filler, clear nail polish, bobby pins, hairspray, bandaids, lotion and mints. Make sure these items are travel size and place them in a cute box. This would also be perfect survival bachelorette party gift but add Advil and mini bottles of champagne.

Custom Ring Holder

il_570xN.615564325_7hqeFriends don’t let friends do stupid stuff; which is why you do not let the bride to be loose her engagement ring. MagicMarkingsArt has personalized engagement ring holders that would be the perfect gift to give your best friend.

Heart Snapshot Photo Art


Minted has the cutest custom art that would be perfect for the newlywed’s home. This is the gift you give to a close friend; if you get the photo art framed, ask the couple what color frames are they putting in their home. My brother and I got this as an anniversary gift to our parents; the hardest part was finding old pictures of them when they were dating. If you are going to give this present as a surprise, make sure you can get access to 30 pictures of the couple.


Did you know Anthropologie has a wedding page called BHLDN? Not only does this site have wedding dresses, lingerie, decor etc. but it also has gifts under $50. Depending on the type of Bride you need to give a gift for, I would check the site out.

If you decided these gift ideas are not your ideal gift, buy something from the couple’s wedding registry. The couple took a lot of time to find items they want for their future home, so at least you know this is what they want. I hope this gives all of my fellow bridal shower/bachelorette goers/ wedding guests ideas what to get the happy couple. Mazel Tov to the engaged couples reading this post!

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