March Haul.

Hello Everyone!

I really enjoyed doing the beauty haul last time and it seem like most of you guys liked it as well. I figured it is time to do a March Haul! As we all know I am a shopaholic but for this haul, I didn’t purchase all of the items. If you saw my latest #ootd blog post or follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a lot of pictures of me celebrating my birthday. So some of these haul items are the gifts I’ve received.

Before we begin, just know I am not bragging. I do hauls when I want to recommend items that I personally like and feel my readers would want. Now that we got that out of the way, lets begin!

iPhone 6


My iPhone 5 and I have been through a lot; from accidentally dropping it into the toilet to traveling with me to Europe. Sadly, my iPhone stopped charging, kept dropping calls and would freeze on me. It was time to retire the iPhone 5. I was sad.. until I upgraded to a gold iPhone 6. There’s not a big difference between the two; the iPhone 6 is just a bigger phone. I will say, the camera on the iPhone 6 is extremely clear and takes amazing pictures. I was able to sell my iPhone back to Apple which helped lower the price on my phone. Thanks mom and dad for the birthday gift!

The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Skin Boost


I wanted to try a new skin product that has vitamin C. I’ve been testing some and the one I liked the most is the Vitamin C Skin Boost from the Body Shop. I put this on before I put my makeup on and I can tell a difference; my skin has a glow to it and it smells like oranges! You guys gotta try it.

Hair Comb


My friend, Bri, actually bought me this gorgeous hair comb for my birthday. Like all of my birthday presents from Bri, there’s always a story. Bri ordered this hair comb from Nasty Gal but when she received it in the mail, it was completely shattered. Luckily, Nasty Gal’s customer service sent Bri a new one. Thanks Bri for the gift! I can’t wait to try some new hair styles with this!

BaubleBar Necklace


I’m not a huge fan of super blinged out jewelry; I’m more into dainty jewelry. BaubleBar was having a a $10 sale and 30% off sale in March so of course I had to check it out. I instantly fell in love with this morse code necklace. This necklace is super light and can help tie an outfit together.

Better Than Sex Mascara


I know I’ve talked about this mascara in my beauty haul but I am still obsessed with this mascara! I love it so much that I’ve already used up my sample size and had to get the bigger container. Too Face’s Better than Sex mascara brush is amazing and it makes my eyes pop like firecrackers. Did I mention I am obsessed with this mascara?



I love plants but I am sadly a plant killer. Plants brings life into a dull room and they also make me really happy (when they’re alive). Since it is Spring, it is the perfect time to purchase some plants. I love how succulent look and they’re super easy to take care of. I surprisingly found this little succulent at a grocery store. This little guy is on my fireplace mantel and guess what.. it’s still alive!

Ice Blue KitchenAid Hand Mixer


This is a super random item, but I just had to put it in the haul. I finally purchased a KitchenAid hand mixer! I don’t have tons of colors in my home, but I love using light blue/ mint green accent colors for my kitchen. And guess what, it’s ice blue!!! I can’t wait to make my cauliflower mashed “potatoes” with this!!

I just realized how nerdy I am over a mixer… This is what happens when you turn 23.

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11 thoughts on “March Haul.

  1. Hi! Where did you manage to find a sample size of the mascara? I’ve been thinking of buying it for ages and would love to buy a mini incase I don’t get along with it x


      1. Thank you so much for your lovely compliment 🙂 There are so many people in this world, and the Internet contains most of them… It can be both good and bad, but it can also show others that they’re not alone ☺️


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