look_itsLaura’s skin regimen. 

Hi everyone!!!!

I apologize for not posting in awhile, April is my busy month.  My friends have recently been asking me what’s my skin regimen. Growing up, I had terrible acne; I’ve literally tried every acne product and every home remedy. Now that I’m vegan, my eating habits are a lot cleaner but I still break out here and there. The one product that has helped reduce my acne is Lexli’s Aloe based Acne Kit.

Lexli’s acne kit comes is a 4 step process. You start with the Acne Cleanser; I put the cleaner on my Clarisonic brush and use it in the morning and night. Next you use the acne clarification lotion. The third product you use is the aloeglyc; this is the smaller jar but you don’t need to apply a lot. Just forewarning, aloeglyc helps shed dead skin cells so you will peel. The last product, Acne Moisturizer, you use during the day. You don’t have to worry about forgetting sunscreen on your face because this moisturizer has sunblock!

I apologize for the short blog post, I’m working on two marketing projects. Once I’m done, I promise there will be exciting blog posts in the future so keep your eyes out! Thank you for understanding my situation, I hope everyone has a wonderful day! For more information on Lexli or other Lexli products, check out www.lexli.com.

5 thoughts on “look_itsLaura’s skin regimen. 

      1. Oh, awesome! I really need something for my redness and dark spots. I used some Asian cream my mom got me and it worked but it lightened my skin and that worried me a bit haha.


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