I’m in Woman’s World Magazine!!!

Hi Everyone!

I can finally announce that I did a mini interview with Woman’s World Magazine!!! You’re probably wondering, “How in the world did that happen?!” Let me explain. For my new readers, let me give you a quick summary on me becoming vegan.

Before my 22nd birthday, I decided to do the 22 Days Vegan Challenge because Beyoncé did it. I figured if Beyoncé could do it, then I could (attempt) to do it. I Instagramed my food everyday so it would keep myself accountable and I caught 22 Days Nutrition’s eye. I successfully completed the challenge and I stayed vegan since.

This year, I was contacted by 22 Days Nutrition (the company that created the challenge) and was asked if I would like to be interviewed by Woman’s World Magazine to talk about my challenge experience. Of course I said yes. Then I got a call by 22 Days Nutrition’s CEO Marco Borges and he told me he enjoyed watching my journey on Instagram. After I got off the phone with Marco, I probably looked like this:

Words cannot express how thankful I am of 22 Days Nutrition. Their products are delicious and their vegan challenge mentally/ physically changed me. Thank you 22 Days Nutrition for remembering my experience and introducing me to a plant-based lifestyle; and thank you Queen B for telling the world she decided to do the challenge.

For more information on the 22 Days Vegan Challenge or 22 Days Nutrition’s products, check out www.22daysnutrition.com. Also don’t forget to pick up your Woman’s World Magazine today!

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