Snacks for Finals. 

Hi everyone!

For all of my college friends, finals week is upon us! Finals week should be called, “let’s raise the student’s anxiety/ stress level”. Do you like food? Do you stress eat? I do too. If you want, I have some snack recommendations for you. And they’re vegan!

22 Days Nutrition Bars

We all know I am a huge fan girl over 22 Days Nutrition‘s products. I love their gold bars because these bars have 20 grams of protein and taste good. When I get extremely busy, I sometimes forget to eat which is bad. These are the perfect bars to throw in your purse just in case of an emergency. They’re also really filling compared to other protein bars that leave you hangry and a weird after taste. You can get these bars at your local Vitamin Shoppe or check out

*For my international readers, I am not sure where you would get your 22 Day Nutrition Bars.. However, 22 Days Nutrition has an amazing customer service that would gladly help you.

Lentil Snap Peas

I am a salty/ crunchy fan. I try to avoid eating potato chips because they make me break out. I find lentil peas to be a perfect alternative! My favorite flavor, from Harvest Snaps, is tomato basil. Someone told me it reminds them of hot cheetos.. I personally can’t taste hot cheetos but I do love anything with tomato and basil.

Kale Chips

Not into lentil peas? Try kale chips! I’ve tried making my own and that was a disaster. I overcooked it and it tasted like sadness. My favorite place to buy kale chips is at Lassens. I know the label says “Nacho Cheese” but it’s vegan (hint the word vegan underneath). If you ever want to check if your snacks are vegan, look at the ingredients.

ABC Cookie

I think it is perfectly find to have a cookie once in awhile. My favorite brand of vegan cookie is the Alternative Baking Company. These cookies are huge and really soft. If cookie monster ate one of these cookies, he would probably go vegan #justsayin. My favorite flavors are Outrageous Oatmeal Raisin with Walnuts and Double Chocolate Decadence.

Well there are some snacks for you guys. I am sorry that I didn’t include more. I am really busy and I only have two more finals to go! If you liked today’s post make sure to click the like button. If you wished to subscribe to my blog I would greatly appreciate that. All you have to do is click the “Follow look_itsLaura” button.

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