May Favorites. 

Hello Everyone!

Today is the last day of May, so I think it’s an appropriate time to have another favorites post!! If you don’t know what a favorites post is, I share my favorite things & items that I loved at the end of the month. Let’s get to it 🙂

MacBook Pro

For 6 years I had the white MacBook. She was a loyal laptop: we did some major online shopping, we watched YouTube videos, we dealt with late night study secessions and she was there for me when I created this blog. But all good things must come to an end. She was becoming slower and barely lasted spring semester. I knew it was time for her to retire.

I said my goodbyes and now I have a MacBook Pro! When I showed my laptop to the Genius Bar, they all said the same thing, “wow… You’re definitely upgrading to a faster computer!” And they’re 100% right. I’m really happy that this laptop is faster and is up to date on the upgrades. This also makes blogging a lot easier. I no longer have to reset my Mac 10 times because my new MacBook doesn’t freeze on me. Thank you to my very supporting parents for my early graduation present!

UniqFind Marble Mac

Totally piggybacking on my MacBook Pro, I purchased a Uniqfind Marble MacBook Skin. I’ve been wanting this for about 5 months but I told myself to wait until I got my MacBook Pro. I’ve never seen a MacBook skin like this and I find it quite unique (hence the name UniqFind). I love it so much that I got a matching one for my iPad mini.

Lexli Acne Kit

The month of May can mean a lot of things to people: Mother’s Day, flower season, confusing weather etc. For me, it’s dealing with finals. I stress myself out during finals week which causes me to break out. Then I stress out even more because I have acne, which causes more acne. During finals, I was using my Lexli Acne Kit religiously because I refused to break out. My skin survived finals week but I did run out of product. I had a mini panic attack due to many reasons: 1) I ran out of product 2) I would have to wait 7 days to get more 3) MY FACE WOULD BE PRONE TO ACNE WITHIN THOSE 7 DAYS!!! I’m so glad I decided to check my mailbox because I received a package. Lexli was kind enough to send me an acne kit as a gift! So thanks Lexli!! You saved the day once again.

Palm Print Romper

Someone called me a “basic girl” for loving the palm print trend.  I started liking this print back in December when I found a website that sold palm print wallpaper. I even blogged about it in my spring break post before it got crazy popular for this summer. So I’m not basic, I’m a trend setter 💁

When I was going to LA for my birthday, I purchased a Show Me Your MuMu palm print romper from one of my favorite boutiques called Ambiance. My romper journey was quite a hassle; when I received it from the mail, it was too big so I had to mail it back to Ambiance to get a smaller size before I left to LA. Sadly they ran out and they called Show Me Your Mumu to see if they can send me a smaller size. Show Me Your MuMu ran out and Ambiance was nice enough to sent me back my romper. Because I’m obsessed with this print I went out and found myself a seamstress to alter the romper. This sounds insane, believe me I know, but this is the most gorgeous romper I’ve ever owned and it is perfect for the spring and summer season.  I wasn’t able to wear this during my birthday but I did wear it on my LA adventure two weeks ago!

Also if you’re ever in San Luis Obispo, make sure to check out Ambiance! The girls are extremely sweet, they are willing to help and they have some of the most amazing clothes ever!

Quay x Shay Sunglasses

If I was to describe myself in an emoji, I would be the emoji wearing the sunglasses. I’m always wearing sunglasses because it protects your eyes from the sun and I hate squinting my eyes. I had a love at first sight moment… with Tom Ford’s Nastasya gold cat eye sunglasses however I hated the price tag. I really wanted a pair similar to them, so I was on a major sunglass hunt. I came across a Shay Mitchell selfie wearing her sunglasses that she co-created with Quay. They looked identical to the Tom Ford glasses except the price was in my budget. Cheaper sunglasses = Happy Laura and a happy wallet. It’s kinda weird to say this but everytime I put these sunglasses on, I feel like Shay Mitchell. I (medorically) tried to recreate Shay Mitchell’s selfie when I first got them. Even crazier, one of my friends commented, “I really thought you were @shaym while scrolling!!!” Shout out to Starla for making my week! 😎😘


I did a blog post back in January called, Goodbye Raven Hair. I wrote that blog post the day after I got it colored. It lightened up like I hope it would but it changed my hair to a purple red color. I went back to get it darken and it looked better for a couple of weeks but it didn’t last. I decided to find a different hair colorist and went to my friend’s hairstylist named Kinsey. Kinsey fixed Trisha’s (aka the friend) ombré disaster to the most gorgeous hair coloring I’ve ever seen.

I hated my hair color and I knew if I make an appointment with Kinsey she would fix my color woes. We talked and we agreed that the best style I should do is Balayage. “Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair colour” (Via Marie Claire). It took 3 hours because I had to do a color correction but I loved the end results! At first I was nervous it was too light but now I’m in love with my new hair color! Even my mom loves it! Thanks Kinsey for fixing my hair!!!

Bad Blood

This is something that I don’t want to admit but I have to get it off my chest…. I really like Taylor Swift’s 1989 album and I really like her Bad Blood music video.  The Bad Blood music video was released on May 17th and it’s jam packed with celebrity cameos. It also beat the 24 hour Vevo record with 20.1 million views! Bad blood is my new workout song and sometimes I sing/ Taylor Swift dance to this song on the treadmill… Don’t judge me.

These are just some of the things I loved in the month of May. What were some your favorite things that you used in May? I would love to know so make sure to comment below! I hope you enjoyed today’s post; if you did make sure to subscribe, like and share this post. Thank you so much for reading! I always get really excited when I see people liking my blog posts and my Taylor Swift dance moves come out when I get new followers. Again, don’t judge me.

Hope you have a wonderful day and let’s give a warm welcome to the month of June!

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