#tbt BFD, Google & San Francisco.

Hi Everyone!

My friend, Simmi, and I decided to go to BFD last Saturday. This was our first time going to BFD and it was so much fun! We also did a mini trip to San Francisco and met up with my friend, Richard. Our trip was so memorable, that I knew this would be great Travel post for my blog. Just to warn you, this post has tons of pictures so if you don’t likes looking at pictures, today’s post is not for you. But if you like looking at pictures and been trying to figure out a place to travel, keep reading!

Saturday June 6th: BFD

This was my first time going to the Shoreline Amphitheatre and I had no idea Google was right next door! There were so many abandoned Google bikes everywhere, Google aren’t you worry about your bikes? Anyways, Shoreline was huge and it was cleaner than my expectations.  There’s 4 stages: main stage, festival stage, local band stage and subsonic dance tent. We went to all 4 but because we got up at 6am to get there and it was hot, we wanted to save our energy to see the main acts.

Since I’m a foodie, I am always looking to see if there’s vegan options. Just because you’re vegan, doesn’t mean we can’t eat out. BFD had food trucks all over the place; I got a tofu burrito from a Korean taco truck. People were allowed to bring food into the venue, but it had to be in a ziplock bag. I still don’t understand why they took my water bottle cap though… If anyone knows why please let me know.

I am going to be completely honest, BFD’s acronym threw me off.  We know that it’s the Bud Light Festival, so shouldn’t it be the BLF? Well back to what I saying, we got to see some awesome artist that day! Our favorites were Sheppaard, the Kooks, Twenty One Pilots, Atlas Genius etc. The group I really came for was Of Monsters and Men. I’ve been wanting to see them forever, now I can cross that off my bucket list.

Sunday June 7th: Google & San Fran

Simmi and I are both marketing students, it’s every business student’s dream to work for Google. We drove to Google campus and fangirl HARD. The site was like Disneyland except for cool hipster/ tech people that will one day change the world. We tried to get a tour but it was Sunday so that was a no. So close, and yet so far. We also found more Google bikes, which for some reason I had an obsession with.

We couldn’t stay at Google forever, so we drove up to San Francisco to meet up with my friend Richard at this cafe called, Cinderella Bakery & Cafe. That cafe is a little hole in the wall but it’s amazing! I had a vegan sandwich and the rest of them got this Russian soup that looked delicious. After lunch, Richard took us to some of his favorite spots in San Francisco. We went to the Dolores Park to eat our Bi-rite ice cream (vegan ice cream obviously), we drove to Twin Peaks to see the entire view of San Francisco, and we walked up Moraga Steps.

If anyone is thinking about going to BFD next year, do it! Just make sure to bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a towel to sit on. Thanks Simmi for inviting me on this trip! Also, thank you Richard for showing us different places of San Francisco while we’re there.  Make sure to follow them on their social media sites 🙂 I hope you guys liked today’s post; make sure to like, share and subscribe to my blog. Have a wonderful rest of the day!

#ootd BFD: Knot Sisters black and gold tank | BDG Dolphin Pin-up Shorts | ASOS Leather Fringe Jacket | Jeffrey Campbell booties | Cooperative Structured Mini Cross Bag | Quay x Shay Gold Sunnies

#ootd San Fran: Simple Black Tank | BDG High Waisted Skinnies | ASOS Leather Fringe Jacket | Arizona Birkenstock Sandals | Cooperative Structured Mini Cross Bag | Quay x Shay Gold Sunnies

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