Summer Essentials.

Hello Everyone!

I know a lot of my readers are finally on Summer Break which I would like to say, congrats! You got through another semester and it’s time to celebrate!

To help commemorate your summer break, I think it’s time that I do a Summer Essentials post! I just want everyone to know that I use these products and I love them. SPOILER ALERT: I will repeat the phrase “I love it!” more than once.


One of the first blog posts I did was called, California Girls are Unforgettable and neither is Damaged Skin. First, if you tell me, “I don’t need sunscreen, I’m still young and won’t get skin cancer” that’s ignorant. When your skin is exposed to the sun,  you have a higher chance of getting sun spots and leathery skin. You can also get a higher chance of getting Melanoma. Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer and is caused by  intense exposure of UV rays (via Skin Cancer Foundation). A couple of months ago, Tawney Willoughby posted a selfie on what skin cancer treatments look like.

She obviously loved tanning beds, but no one really talks about the aftermath of skin cancer.  Be careful this summer and WEAR SUNSCREEN!! My favorite sunscreen brand is Obagi Matted Sun Screen. This sun screen doesn’t feel thick, has an SPF 50 and it’s light like lotion.


I’ve done quite a few blog posts on why I love sunglasses. It’s so important that you, your friends and your family members wear sunglasses. UV Exposure can cause eye problems like surfer’s eyes, cataracts and cancer (via WebMD). Also, sunglasses is a classic statement piece for summer. My favorite sunglass brands are Quay and Ray Bans. They look stylish but they also do what they were suppose to do, protects your eyes. Ya’ll better look like this emoji -> 😎

Let the Good Times Roll

As much as I love the winter, it makes my skin dry. Now that it’s summer, your skin is (safely!) exposed more but I don’t like exposing my dry dead skin to the public. I use lotions but I personally think that’s not enough. I love using shower scrubs; it makes my skin feel smooth and in my mind, it helps remove dead skin. Right now I am using Lush Cosmetics’ Let the Good Times Roll. To me, it smells like cookies, other people think it smells like kettle corn. Either way, I really like this one and I’m so glad I picked this one 🙂

Clarisonic Brush

To go with my Lush Body Scrub, I use my Clarisonic Brush. I cannot live without this brush! I use it every single day and this is one of my traveling companions when I go out-of-town. If you’re thinking about getting one, I would strongly advise you to proceed. The Clarisonic brush really helps buff dead skin away and it makes your skin softer. It even helps my skin glow! Clarisonic also sells multiple replaceable heads for the brush; I use the Acne brush for my face and the Smart Turbo body brush for my body.

Teavana Ice Tea

When it’s 104 degrees, I either want water or ice tea. I love getting ice tea from tea shops but it gets expensive. While shopping in the mall, my mom and I walked past Teavana and one of the girls gave us samples. Our favorite was Teavana’s youthberry & wild orange blossom. It’s a sweet orange tea with a hint of tropical flavors. We decided if we buy a bag of loose leaf tea leaves, we can make it at home and save some money too. We didn’t buy the rock sugar, but you can substitute that with agave nectar. For those who’ve never purchased loose leaf tea, you need to get a tea strainer.

Morocco Oil

Ever since I dyed my hair, my hair looks dried out. My hair probably looks like hay because it’s exposed to the sun and I curl my hair every other day. I like using Morocco Oil because: 1) it makes my hair smell delicious 2) it helps hydrate my hair 3) it makes my hair look like I just got out of the salon 4) I love it. Morocco Oil is not super expensive and lasts forever. Try it out this summer!!!

Harry Potter

When I was growing up, Harry Potter was always apart of my summer. I would always read a different Harry Potter book and when J.K. Rowling gave the green light for the Harry Potter films, my mom would take me and my brother to go see them. I am so used to having Harry Potter during my summertime that it’s weird if I didn’t have at least one Harry Potter Marathon. You can get the DVDs super cheap or you can wait till ABC Family does a Harry Potter Marathon. To sum up my Harry Potter talk, I leave you with this:

“Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” -J.K. Rowling

I hope you liked today’s post! If you did, make sure to subscribe, like and comment on this post. I post every Tuesday and Thursday with an occassional weekend posts. Have a great summer and I’ll see you on Thursday!

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