Thankful Thursday. 

Hi everyone!

When I was in the 6th grade I use to ride the school bus. Clarence, the bus driver, would always make us tell him what we’re thankful for every Thursday. If we didn’t, he wouldn’t let us get on the school bus. I use to always get annoyed when he did this; I just wanted to get on the bus to go home.

The older you get, the more stress you deal with. I sometimes get overly stressed out that I make myself feel like a failure. The best way to help reduce my stress is to relax and remind myself what I have. Sometimes I wish Clarence would stand at my front door step, asking me what am I thankful for before I start my day. Yeah life can be hard, but I am able to do things that some only dream of.

That being said, on this Thursday I am thankful for air conditioning and supporting friends. What are you thankful for on this lovely Thursday? Comment down below. Make sure to subscribe to my blog! I post every Tuesday and Thursday.

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