I’m turning into my Mother.

Hi Everyone!

If you’re one of my close friends, you would know my childhood home decor is white. My mom loves the color white; I grew up in a home that has white walls, white furniture and now a white kitchen. I use to hate that color for a home because as the crazy child I was, I would somehow get it dirty then get in trouble. I also thought it was a really boring color. I use to tell myself that if I ever move away, I am going to have a house that has dark colors.

Now that I’m an adult and live in my own space, I get to design my home however I want. My friends tell me my home decor is very “urban gypsy”. I love using dark grays, grape crates, skulls, butterflies, crystals, edison lights etc. Recently, I was looking at my bed spread and I noticed it was getting a bit shabby. Makes sense though, I’ve had it since I moved to the dorms.

I couldn’t find a comforter that I love so I went on Wayfair.com to purchase a white duvet cover. I don’t know if I am the only person who feels this way but I love hotel rooms, especially the bedding. If the hotel has a soft white comforter, I will tell you I love it. I decided a white duvet cover would fulfill my weird love. I was a bit hesitant at first for two reasons: 1) the color of my walls is an off white and I didn’t know if that would look terrible with a white bed and 2) my comforter is gray, which would show through. Surprisingly, it worked! Not only did the duvet look good, but it brightened up my room!

This was seriously my ah ha moment; I now understood why my mom wanted everything white. When you have white walls, it makes a room appear bigger and brighter #duh. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home but I catch myself looking at white home decor…. omg I’m turning into my mother. So what is the moral of today’s blog post? I honestly don’t know. But if you liked today’s post make sure to click the like button! Also don’t forget to subscribe to my blog; I post every Tuesdays and Thursdays with an occasional weekend post.

4 thoughts on “I’m turning into my Mother.

  1. I have a white duvet cover and throw blanket and I absolutely love it. Recently, I bought all white sheets and pillow cases. I can’t wait to change them! It really does brighten up the room. I also feel like it makes the bed look bigger and the room a bit cleaner.

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      1. That’s my biggest concern with all white sheets! I do have off-white, creamy pillow cases that I use because I know I’ll get my makeup on them haha.


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