June Favorites.

Hi Everyone!

How was your 4th of July? I hope it was awesome 🙂 If you’re not from the States, how was your weekend?

Now that I’m back from Los Angeles, I thought today’s post should be a June Favorites! If you’re new to my blog, I do monthly favorites in the beginning of the month. It’s things that I bought, use and loved in a particular month. Let’s begin!

White Topshop Shoes

I’m picky, especially with my shoes. I’ve been wanting some white flat shoes but I’m a white shoe snob; if the material, print, and shape of the shoe did not fit my expectations, I would automatically say NO. This has been going on for about 5 months. I finally found my perfect pair! They’re white matted, snake skin print, absolutely comfy and they’re from Topshop! Love them 🙂

Quay Sunglasses

I loved my gold Quay X Shay Sunglassess and I wanted to add more to my sunglasses collection. I bought the Vesper Black sunglasses. I’m loving these cat sunnies; my dream in life is to become the sunglass emoji, this is one step closer to my dream 😎

Makeup Remover

I’m from the Central Valley of California, which means we get hit with extremely hot weather. This month, the weather has been 108 degrees fahrenheit!!! I hate this weather because it messes up my skin and makes my makeup look gross. Then my gross makeup clogs my skin which causes my skin to break out. I noticed this month, I’ve purchased more makeup remover wipes than I ever have. I really like using Neutrogena’s makeup wipes; I only need one wipe to take off my makeup and it doesn’t irritate my skin.

When I went to LA, I forgot them. I rushed to the nearest Target to buy an emergency pack. I seriously love these wipes.


I always have hand sanitizer with me; I have one in my car, on my purse and in my backpack. I went to Bath and Body to restock and came across this HandiBac. It’s a hand sanitizer spray! I wanted to try it out so I bought one. The picture looks like I haven’t used it but I have! I use this almost every day and it’s still full. I also really like the shape of the bottle; it’s thin enough to put in your purse.

YSL Lip Balm


I’ve talked about this YSL Lip Balm in my Sephora Haul but I gotta tell you, it’s amazing! It gives your lips a shine like lip gloss but feels like lip balm. This is a a bit expensive, but trust me it’s worth it. I carry my YSL Lip Balm everywhere!


The best thing about Central Valley is the fruit! One of my favorite fruits to eat is Honey Royale Nectarines! They’re basically nature’s candy. I’m going to try to make a vegan recipe with one so keep your eyes out! If you have never tried one, I feel bad for you. Please eat one, you’ll thank me later!

Pretty Little Liars

I’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars since high school but I stopped because I was getting annoyed with A. 5 years later, we finally find out that A is Charles.. Now we have to figure out who the hell Charles is!

I have this theory that Charles is actuallyLesli; when Charles was a little boy, he wanted to be a girl but his family didn’t accept him so they sent him to Radley. His mom and Aunt still cared for him, so they would visit him every chance they got. His Aunt decided to take him in and his mom declared him “deceased” but in reality he was living his the Aunt. The Aunt felt bad so she gave him what he’s always wanted to be; a girl. So Charles went under the knife to become Lesli. When the aunt died, all of her money went to Charles which is how *he can afford all of this technology. Now that Charles is older, he is getting revenge on his family for never accepting him as a her. And he’s after the four girls because he believes they killed his lover, Bethany… That’s just my theory. If I’m right, I’m going to scream.

(*I am explaining my side why Charles is doing this so I used the “he” pronouns because the episodes have not stated Charles being transgender. I am not trying to upset the Transgender community, this is just my theory. Until PLL says Charles is a girl, I will change the pronouns.)

I feel that June went by way too quickly! This favorites is a lot smaller than my usual ones, but I hope you liked it! If you liked this post, make sure to click the like button. Also please subscribe to my blog! I post every Tuesday and Thursday. Hope you have a good day!!! 🙂

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