I have an announcement…

I decided I will start doing YouTube Videos!!!! If you are wondering if I am giving up blogging, that’s a NO. I will keep blogging on lookitslaura.wordpress.com; I love blogging too much to give this up! When I first started to blog, I was asked by a couple of people if I would do YouTube videos… I never gave them a yes or no answer because I wasn’t mentally prepared for that. I wanted to focus on school and my blog before I jumped into anything else. Now that I have more experience, I feel this is the right time to start doing YouTube videos.

Doing YouTube videos is really out of my comfort zone; I feel like it’s different from blogging because I can hide behind a website. Now you guys get to visually see me, hear my voice and the judgement scale has been raised tremendously. I’m not going to make YouTube videos as much as a blog (for now) and the reason is I am not an expert at this. This is going to be a learning process/ experiment so please be patient with me. You’ve been great supporting my blog, and I hope you will like my YouTube videos too 🙂 Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel also!!

P.S. I know I said the word “blogging” multiple of times. I know, it’s my first video. Learning experience, remember.

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