#TBT: The Library Coffee House.

Hi Everyone!

In the beginning of July, I went to Long Beach to hang out with my best friend. One of our favorite things to do is find random hole in the wall restaurants. We went to go get brunch but was stopped by the cutest coffee shop in the entire world! We were greeted by these red french doors and when you walked inside the environment was very peaceful. This place had gold vintage pieces, an enormous mirror, shelves stacked with books, red brick walls… basically I walked into my dream blogging area.

We decided to stay and check out this glorious place; we wondered off to a second room. The second room had the same layout except there were more books and it was super quiet, kinda like a Library #Foreshadowing. There were tons of tables, a grand piano and mix matched furniture. It kinda reminded me of Central Perk from Friends.

I got a chai tea latte with almond milk and it was absolutely delicious. Another reason why I loved this place, they had reasonable prices! I hate when I go into coffee shops and they charge you like $7 for a cuppa! Ridiculous, am I right? I think this place only charged me $4 which isn’t bad. They also sold desserts, chips and breakfast food.

If you’re ever in the Long Beach area, you gotta check it out! It’s called the Library Coffee House and it’s off on Broadway.

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