Common Asked Vegan Questions.

Hi everyone!

When I tell people that I’m vegan, the common questions I get are:

“What do you eat?”

“Are you sick of cooking?”

“Isn’t it expensive being vegan?”

“Can you eat out?”

I understand that people are curious; before I went vegan, I use to ask the same questions. I grew up in a family that eats meat and that’s totally ok. Going vegan was a personal choice that benefited me and I also knew I would be asked a lot of questions. If you’re thinking of one (or all) of these questions, I’ll gladly answer them for you in today’s post.

  1. I eat food; I eat veggies, fruits, beans, nuts and grains. I also eat soy but I have to be careful because if I eat too much, I break out.  When I need protein, I drink almond milk and eat hummus.
  2. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies! It helps me bring out another side of my creativity and it also relaxes me. However, I am human and sometimes after a long day, I just want instant food. If I’m in one of those moods and don’t have left overs, I do have some frozen vegan meals in my freezer. Some of my favorite vegan pre-made food brands are:
    1. 22 Day’s Nutrition
    2. Daiya
    3. Starlite Cuisine
    4. Amy’s Kitchen
  3. When people hear the word, VEGAN they associate that with expensive. Yes, there’s been surprising/ shocking studies that healthy foods are more expensive compared to processed food, but you can find ways around the dollar sign. Did you know Trader Joe’s, Fresh & Easy and Sprouts has tons of vegan products for a reasonable price? Their veggies are pretty cheap and they’re good! If you want to go more organic, try Farmer’s Markets! You’re supporting local farmers and you’re getting fresh veggies.
  4. This was my biggest challenge when I first went vegan. I would go out to dinner with my friends but once I went vegan, that all changed. I noticed I would avoid people the first week because I wanted to make sure I committed to staying on the 22 Days Vegan Challenge. I quickly got out of that habit and slowly ate out. If you’re going out, do your research on restaurants that have vegan items. For an example, Chipotle’s sofritas is tofu and Red Robin has a vegan burger. If all that fails, get a garden salad with Italian dressing.

I hope that gives some people some insight on being vegan. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! I would love to answer them 🙂 If you liked today’s post, make sure to click the like button and please subscribe to my blog! I post every Tuesday & Thursday, hope everyone is having a good week!

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