DIY Pinterest Balloons.

Hi Everyone!

Last Saturday I went to my friend’s (Bri) bridal shower. It was filled with laughter, mimosas and happiness. I was asked if I can make these giant balloons because they’re Bri’s favorite.  Since Bri is one of my close friends, I said yes. If you’re a Pinterest lover, like me, you know what I’m talking about.  If not, don’t you worry.. I noticed no one had a tutorial on how to make these balloons so I figured I would do a YouTube* video on it. #ThisIsWhyImTalkingAboutIt

I hope you enjoy watching my video! If you liked this video, please subscribe to my YouTube channel! My goal for the rest of 2015 is to try to get at least 50 subscribers… Please help me?

*To all of my Deaf and Hard of Hearing friends, I apologize for not getting an interpreter. I’ve been extremely busy and so has Tabitha. I’ll try to have her in my next video!

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