Anaheim Packing District. 

Hi everyone!

If my layout for today’s post looks odd, it’s because I’m writing this on my phone. I’m not in my usual location nor do I have my laptop. This weekend, I’m in LA! My friend, Lucca, is going to the D23 Expo and since Cara lives near the area, I figured I would come down!

My friends know I love trying new restaurants, so Lucca decided to take us to the Anaheim Packing District yesterday! Fun Fact: Lucca did the Disney College program and lived in Anaheim for 7 months. The Packing District has a hipster/ unique vibe with a touch of industrial pieces. This place has several restaurants: Asian, Indian, Hispanic, sandwiches, Popsicles, American etc. 

Cara got a double spicy tuna roll, Lucca got a beef ramen bowl and I got a spicy miso vegetable ramen bowl. I really liked it but mine was too spicy and it made me feel like Miranda Sings. It was still good though!

My mouth was burning so we went to the PopBar. This place had different types of flavors, but what I really liked about this place – it had dairy free pops! My mouth and I were extremely thankful so I got a pineapple with dark chocolate and coconut ☺️

This place is perfect for everyone! If you have kids, they will enjoy the cool atmosphere. They have swings, delicious (and healthy) food as well as some sweet desserts. The Packing District is also great place for a first date or to grab a quick bite instead of paying for Disneyland food.

If you’re in the Anaheim area, you gotta check it out! Thank you Lucca for taking us and thanks Cara for driving! If you liked today’s post, please click the like button and please subscribe to my blog! Well, I’m going to Disneyland now so I’ll talk to you on Tuesday!

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