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If you read the title of today’s blog, you would know today’s post is about school. Yes, summer is coming to an end and (unless you already graduated, lucky duck) we’re going back to school. I know I have a wide range of readers so I thought I would write a blog post for students going to college. Freshman year is exciting, scary, stressful and fun. My biggest fear was not knowing what to expect from school. Weird thing to worry about but I was terrified; I was at a new school with new people and professors I have no idea how they teach. If you are going off to college, here are some my tips with college classes.

Look for your classes before school

When I was a freshman, I had this fear that I wouldn’t find my class and the professor would tell me, “you’re late and I don’t accept that, get out.” I know it’s an extreme fear but there are some professors like that. When I lived at the dorms, I took a tour of the campus. My tour guide, also another student, took me to the building of my classes and it made me feel so much better. If your school doesn’t offer tours, I suggest getting a map of your school and walk around before school starts.

Follow your intuition

The first couple weeks of class will give you an insight on your professor and the course will be. If you believe the class will be challenging or your professor is terrible, trust your intuition. I’ve had terrible professors before and there were times that I just stayed in the class just to get it over with. Yea you finish a class, but it was a terrible experience and you probably would of gotten a better grade with a better professor.

Bring a notebook and pen

It confuses me why some people refuse to bring a notebook and/or a pen on the first day of school. I understand that it’s the first day and (most) professors don’t really teach that day, but it’s not that hard to bring these items. I had professors that taught on the first day and gave us assignments that were due the next day. Don’t be that student asking other people to borrow a pen and paper because you were being lazy.

Print out Syllabus

Most of my professors will have their syllabus on Blackboard. PRINT THIS OUT AND BRING IT TO CLASS. I like looking at my syllabus to see what I need to schedule on my calendar. I need to know what exams/ quizzes are coming up, that way I can study for it ahead of time. Think of your syllabus as a guideline of the semester.

Don’t buy your books!

When I first started college, I purchased half of my books because I thought I would re-read them again. I didn’t. You do not need to buy your GE books, rent them or borrow them from friends. I usually rent my books off of Amazon and Chegg. Or you can wait until your professor tells you what textbooks you need. If you really want to buy your books, I would purchase the books you use in your Major.

For my non- American readers, I don’t really know when school starts for you, but if you are going off to Uni, I hope this helped! If you liked today’s post, please click the like button and please subscribe to my blog! I start my last year of college on Tuesday ahh!! For those who are starting your Freshman year, good luck! And enjoy your college experience 🙂

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