September Favorites.

Even though it’s technically still September, I wanted to do my September Favorites for today’s post. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting busy with school or I’m traveling more but it was really hard to pick my favorites this month! This year is going by too quickly. Well anyways, here are some of my September Favorites.



The last time I went to visit Cara, I decided to get another piercing. Surprise mom! Don’t worry, it’s nothing extreme or too crazy, it’s just a 3rd lobe piercing. I went to a place called Somatic Body Piercing located in Long Beach. This place only does piercings (hence the name of the place) and they’ve been in business for over 20 years. My piercer, Sara, did an awesome job. It sounds weird to say, “this piercer did awesome putting a hole in my ear” but it’s true. Her room was extremely clean, everything was sanitized and she was quick.

The last time I got a piercing, which was not at Somatic, my piercer said, “oops” when she put the needle in… Yea. That doesn’t scare me #sarcasm. Sara was super cool and my piercing healed up pretty quickly.

Faux Fur Pillow

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I decided to update one of my little pillows on my sofa. I found this cute faux fur pillow from Wayfair and it looks exactly like one of my blankets on my bed. When I bought this, I thought it came with a pillow buuutttt it didn’t. The lesson learned here is to always read the description when buying things online.

Scream Queens

I know that Scream Queens just came out last week, but it’s already one of my favorite shows. Ryan Murphy knows how to create a funny/crazy/wtf show. I was hesitant to watch it but God I love pop culture reference shows. It kind of reminds me of Pretty Little Liars with a mix of American Horror Story. Plus, Emma Roberts is one of the main stars; she can play the perfect “mean girl”.Have you watched it yet?? Let me know what you think.

Black Flats


I love heels but I need to give my feet a break once in awhile. My favorite black flats finally decided to call it quits #RIP. I needed a new pair that would last a while and would be comfortable to wear throughout the day. I found these Topshop flats; they weren’t too expensive and I love the black crocodile pleather print. What makes these different from my other flats is the cut outs. It never really gets cold where I’m from so this is perfect “fall shoe” for me.

I  noticed I blog a lot about Topshop, I hope you guys don’t think I only shop there.. I just ironically find things and it so happens to be from Topshop. Anyways, these shoes are comfy and I love them ❤

Don’t Look at Me

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Erica and I were having one of those days that we just needed to relax. So what’s the best way to relax? Face masks 🙂 We went to our closest Lush Store and we came across the “Don’t Look at Me” mask. I love the color of the mask; it’s bright and it makes me happy. Kinda odd to say but the color does make me happy.  This mask has rice (random right??) and a lemon in it. I can tell my face feels a lot smoother just by using this mask.

Pitch Perfect 2

I finally watch Pitch Perfect 2! I’m somewhat hesitant on super marketed sequels so I didn’t watch it in the theaters. Now that it’s on dvd I can finally watch it. I like that this movie is sticking to what most college kids are thinking of; what is next for us after college? Most college movies don’t address the fact that after college people are trying to find jobs or internships. I also really like the product place (calling you out Schick and Volkswagen). If you liked Pitch Perfect, you’ll like this.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses


Sad news, I broke my favorite Quay sunglasses 😦 What’s worst, when they weren’t broken, I forgot them when I went to Santa Barbara. I’m not use to exposing my eyes to bright sunlight; I had to go to the closest store and buy a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. I figured aviator sunglasses are always going to be a classic staple piece; I know this was a splurge item but at least I’m protecting my sight. And I’m mourning the loss of my Quay so don’t judge me.

Thanks for reading today’s post. What are your September Favorites? Let me know!! If you liked today’s post please click the like button and don’t forget to follow my blog. Oh and if Quay is reading this, PLEASE SEND ME A PAIR OF BLACK VESPAS ASAP!!!

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