Stores for Fall Decorations.

My favorite season is fall and it’s not because PSL are back. I love that pumpkins can work for both October and November. Ever since I moved out on my own, I love putting seasonal decorations up. I even did a blog post on a DIY Glitter Pumpkins last year. It was fun making them but the glitter made it difficult to get out of my carpet. Glitter was in my carpet till January.

This year, I decided not to paint, glitter or carve any pumpkins. I went to home decor stores to find pumpkins. I figured if I get these, I can reuse them for next year. I went during October and that wasn’t a smart idea..  The fall decorations were gone and the Christmas decor made their appearance. With my limited selection, I bought 2 glass pumpkins and a glass fall squash.


I guess I wasn’t the only person that had the same idea; my cousin bought glass pumpkins too! She, however, did awesome! Her house looks like something you would see on Pinterest.

 If you’re still looking for fall decorations, here are some places that we went to:

I’m going to be honest, it might be difficult to find fall decorations right now. But you never know; you might even find them on sale! If you do find any, let me know! I would love to see it. Thanks for reading my blog 🙂 If you liked today’s post please click the like button and if you want to, please subscribe to my blog. I post every Tuesday and Thursday. Have a great day!

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