My 5 Favorite Student Discount Sites.

Hi Everyone,

I was planning on doing a Vegan Pumpkin Pie recipe for today’s post but it was a major fail. I was messing around with some concoctions last weekend but the consistency was not right. Then I figured I would do a different food post for today. I was planning everything on Sunday morning and I even wrote a Monday grocery list… Then El Niño came into town. It was raining so hard on Sunday that I noticed my ceiling had a bubble line. Worried, I called my landlord and it turns out, I have moisture in my ceilings and in the walls. I now have this huge fan running for the next couple of days.

On the plus side, it’s not wet so I don’t have to get the walls removed and all that jazz. The down side, I don’t have a food post for you; during the spare time I was going to be cooking, I had to move all of my furniture just in case the bubble burst.

But don’t worry, I have a last minute idea. I’ve been asked numerous of times, “where’s a good place to shop and has discounts?” I’m a shopaholic that’s in college, if I find a place that gives out student discounts, I’m shopping there. Here’s my list of stores and websites:

This is just a list of stores where I go. I really stick to Unidays more than anything. That website has a lot of discounts for tons of stores. I’m sorry that my food post didn’t go up. I’m having a #Fail moment and it sucks. Thanks for reading, and if you can click the like and subscribe button, that would be great.

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