November Favorites.



 I bought the 25 album on preorder but I refused to listen to it until Thanksgiving break. I tend to cry when my favorite celebrities do something and Adele is on that list. Well, I listened to the entire album.. Adele has blown my mind once again #YASQueenYAS. Adele topped her 21 album, which I’m still trying to figure out how she did that. If you’re looking for a Christmas gift idea, please get this album.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if I cried, the answer is yes. I’ve been ugly crying since Hello came out. The songs that I really love from this album are Love in the Dark and All I Ask. I highly recommend you listening to these songs.

Foodspotting App

I heard about the Foodspotting App from the hilarious Amy Schumer. I decided to try it out; first of all, I don’t have Tinder and I have never used Tinder (shocking, I know) but this app is so much fun! You get notified what foods are near you and you get to look a food pictures. I feel this is more of a fun food app, make sure to check it out!

Lumee Case

Soo.. don’t judge me, but I bought a Lumee Case. If you don’t know what a Lumee Case is, it’s a selfie light built into a case. The case is covered in white lights which makes any selfie look awesome! The battery life on the case lasts quite awhile; I think the last time I charged it was in the beginning of the month. This also makes an amazing flashlight when the power goes out.

Jewelry Box

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My cousin and I went to our local Flea Market aka Hipsters trying to sell repurposed items to look like something from Pinterest. Some people actually find old items and sell it as it is. It just depends on the seller; it can be a hit or miss. This year was an eh. The only thing I found was this vintage glass jewelry box. I love how it looks antique and the glass wasn’t broken. Besides, it was only $10 so it was practically a steal!

My Doctor


November has been a tough month for me; I got really sick again and I was throwing up for two weeks straight. Anything I would try to eat would make me throw up and the only thing I could eat was toast. I would sleep for 14 hours a day which sounds awesome but trust me, it wasn’t. I had no motivation to do anything which was making me somewhat depressed. It messed up my daily activities like working out and focusing on tasks. I finally went to the doctor and he believes I had a virus and was extremely dehydrated. I was put me on an IV and was pumped with two bags of fluids. 5 hours later, I was feeling so muThanks Dr. Tony for fixing me up!

UPDATE: I found out I got E. Coli from one of my favorite restaurants.. And yes it’s the one you’re thinking about.

The Goldbergs


My sickness got me really depressed and the only thing that made me happy was watching the Goldbergs. This show is absolutely hilarious! I love that it’s based on the 80s and some of the characters are based off of real people. I especially love Beverly Goldberg; her crazy overly loving mom status is the best. If you’ve never watched this show, please start. You can watch the reruns on Hulu!

What were your favorites this month? Let me know in the comment section below. If you liked today’s post make sure to click the like button and don’t forget to subscribe. Happy December!!!

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