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Buzzfeed recently did an article about a dating site called MouseMingle. Why would they be doing an article on another dating site? Well… This dating site is for Disney Fans. I thought this was hilarious; everyone knows that I love Disney, I have an annual pass and I’m single AF. My mom has been trying to set me up with someone since 2010 and won’t stop talking about my single lady status. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my two older cousins and they can confirm for me.


I personally don’t mind being single, I actually enjoy it. Sounds weird, I know. But getting out of my comfort zone, I am going to try this dating site. I need to make sure my readers know this, I HAVE NEVER TRIED ANY DATING APPS OR DATING SITES. Yea you read that correctly, I have never tried Tinder, Ok Cupid (what other dating apps does my age group use?!?) And to make it more interesting, I will blog about my experience. I won’t really have a schedule but I’ll blog about this when I get the chance.

I also want to point out, I am not trying to make fun of anyone. This is such a cool idea for people who love Disney. I feel like for me, this is going to be an interesting experience since I hate dating. Honestly if I find a park buddy that wants to go to Disneyland with me, I’m totally down for that.


If you want to read my experience, make sure to click the subscribe button… Oh god what have I done?

2 thoughts on “MouseMingle.

  1. Thank you for making me aware of this site! I’ve been saying for months now that I’d like to connect with someone who loves Disney as much as I do, although I can’t say I’m expecting much to come of it. I’m certainly interested in reading your experience!
    Stay Beautiful!

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  2. ha! This is a great post. I’m excited to hear how your dating adventure goes. I also liked the way you clarified that you are not making fun of anyone; that was nice. I hope you do find Prince Charming 😉

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