MouseMingle; Why am I Winking?

Hi Everyone,

Last week I decided to join MouseMingle. MouseMingle is a dating website that caters to Disney fanatics. I thought this would be interesting to try; I love watching Disney movies and going to Disneyland. I also figured this will get my mom off my back about my single status. And if all else fails, I have some weird story to tell you.

During my mini breaks in between studying and writing papers, I explored the website.. Oh boy. What’s this winking button? And then there’s accept wink button like a friend request but you can’t talk to them unless you have a deluxe package. So what’s the purpose of winking?!? I told my friend, named Ashley, and she thought that set up is complicated!

The questions on MouseMingle makes me laugh! Obviously this website is catered to Disney Fans but I wasn’t expecting that many Disney questions. For an example, they give you an option for why you’re on this website like looking for a park pal. Park pal was probably my favorite option but for this profile, I put park pal, friendship and dating.  If you don’t answer all of the questions, you will become compatible with EVERYONE. Trust me I know this from experience; the first couple of days I didn’t realize I had the age range from 18-99


These four different guys that were in their 50s kept winking at my profile and kept trying to message me.


Is this common for “dating” websites?? I’m just so confused. I now understand how my mom feels when she is trying to understand Facebook. Well that’s it for now, I’ll let you know how it’s going next week. If you liked my awkward experience, please click the like button and if you would like to follow my journey, subscribe to my blog. It’s going to be an interesting month.

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