Christmas Gift Ideas Under $35

Hi everyone!

Ah!!! Christmas is almost here! This is the time when most of my guy friends ask me, “Laura what do I get my girlfriend for Christmas?!?!” For those looking for a gift for their girlfriend, best friend, sibling etc. I got you covered. I came up with a list of items that I think would make an awesome gift. And, all of these items are under $35! Let’s begin:

Sonia Kashuk Gold Brushes


For your friends that love makeup, this is the perfect gift! This Sonia Kashuk set comes in 10 gold brushes! 10 brushes you guys!! For $35, I feel this is a steal. I love this so much that I actually bought one for me! They’re so gorgeous and a perfect gift.

Lush’s Festive Friends


I love buying Lush boxes for my friends because all of their boxes are amazing!!! They have tons of different boxes for people who like different things. This year I bought one of my friend the Festive Friends box! Festive Friends has more bath bombs and bath melts; which is something she loves. And come on, they’re pre-wrapped in the cutest wrapping paper!… I just hope she’s not reading this post haha

Winter Candle


Photo owned by Bath and Body Works

Buying a gift for an acquaintance? Candles are always nice however it can be a hit or miss. If you’re thinking about getting a holiday theme candle, I would get Bath and Body Work’s Winter Candle. To me this candle smells like Winter; it has a warm masculine scent without being super overbearing and it has a pine scent. The label says “icy Mandarin and winter woods”.. I don’t know what that means but I can’t smell the icy mandarian.



My brother and I finally watched the Minions movie together. I personally loved it, but I know some people hated it. It’s one of those movies that’s just stupid and need a laugh. I think if I gave this as a gift to my 2 year old cousin, he would go bananas. If you love giving movies as gifts, Minions is a good one.

Photo MAC Lipstick


I wanted to get the Lip Kit by Kylie but it sold out in less than an hour. I’ve been looking for a brown lipstick and her True Brown shade was that perfect shade. So plan B; I went into MAC and tried on a bunch of lipsticks. The closes color that I found was MAC’s Photo lipstick. I have a fair complexion so this shade is pretty dark. I absolutely love it and lining my lips with Cork helps the color pop even more. If you know someone that’s looking for a brown lipstick, I would recommend this one.

This is just some of the things that I think would make an awesome gift. If you need more ideas, let me know and I’ll send you some!! Well I hope everyone has a great day, please subscribe to my blog and don’t forget to like! 🙂

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