MouseMingle; You’re not Jeff Bridges.

Hi Everyone,

I officially have a pet peeve on Mouse Mingle. This Disney dating website has barely started and I already see Catfish profiles. If you don’t know what Catfishing is, it’s when someone is pretending to be someone they’re not on a social media platform. I had a couple of guys try to contact me and their picture did not match up with their profile.. I showed Ashley a guy who said he was 22 years old… He looked like he was 38. Maybe he just looks old for his age.. But I’m not going to trust it. I noticed some profiles are using Disney characters are their pictures. That’s an obvious duh. And this one guy had a model’s picture as his profile picture! How do I know that’s a model’s picture? 1) I saw that picture in a magazine and 2) that boy has a jaw line for daayyysss.

 If I’m catching this, I wonder if anyone else is too.  I can already see a ton of people asking Nev for help.


  And fake celebrity profiles are officially popping up. This one guy had Jeff Bridges as his profile picture…


I’m 100% positive that you sir are NOT Jeff Bridges.  And plus, why would Jeff Bridges be on Mouse Mingle!? #Stupid

People just use your picture as your profile picture! I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t use your own; what’s the point of even being on a dating website if you’re pretending to be someone you’re not.

I’m still planning on being on this website, but I’m going to be honest I’m not enjoying it. Hopefully the next time I tell you my experience, it will be happier. If you want to follow my Mouse Mingle journey, please subscribe to my blog.

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