MouseMingle: Deluxe

Ready for another Mouse Mingle story?

I’ve talked about the profiles I’ve read, but I never really discussed the conversations I had with the users. Here’s the thing, you can wink/ receive winks but you can’t actually talk to people unless you upgrade your membership. If a guy doesn’t have an upgrade they usually put their Instagram account on their profile to “follow me if you’re interested in talking with me”.

There are some guys that do have a premium or deluxe account. I decided to try the deluxe membership for one month; it’s only $12 and it doesn’t hurt to try.

I’ve talked to a couple of guys and they were either very personal or don’t understand I’m not interested. I was asked very direct questions like, “where do you live?”, “give me your phone number?” and “how close are you from me?”. For me, those type of questions are a little bit personal especially since I don’t know them.  And it made me feel really uncomfortable when they wouldn’t answer my questions unless I answered their questions first. Then I would get multiple of messages from the same guy who kept bugging me because “he’s ready to settle down and have a wife”.


For the record, I never responded to him or back to him.

I don’t want it to sound that Mouse Mingle is completely bad. I had some nice conversations with some people. And by some I mean two. The best comparison I can give you is like talking to an old friend. Ironically both guys have the same name. One guy was very easy to talk to; I wouldn’t mind being a friend with him or going to Disneyland with him. The other guy kept asking me about sports…


He was nice though.

I don’t know if I’m going to stay on this website any longer. It’s not really going anywhere and my deluxe membership will be ending soon. Anywhoo.. That’s it. If you liked today’s post make sure to click the like button and don’t forget to subscribe.

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