Reinvent Juicery

Hi Everyone!

The one thing I love about SoCal is the juice bars. I’m not a huge coffee drinker, I’m more of a water, tea and juice consumer. There are so many juice bars down there! I love the idea of going into a juice bar to get fresh juice whenever I want. I own a juicer but I’m busy and it takes a lot of time to make a glass.

Where I’m from, there’s not a lot of juice bars near me (except for Jamba Juice.. but I don’t consider that juice) until this year. Reinvent Juicery just opened up and one of my old classmates is the manager! Reinvent Juicery does cold pressed juices, blended drinks with boosts and acai bowls.



When I went in, there wasn’t a lot of juices in the fridge. I came in the afternoon which makes sense. I bought two juices: New Beginning and E-lemonator.


E-lemonator has apple, lemon and ginger; New beginning has orange, lemon, apple and turmeric. I liked E-lemonator because it tastes like apple juice but it’s not super super sweet. I saved New Beginning for the morning. New Beginning was great morning drink, it tastes like orange juice!


I also got an acai bowl; it has granola, blueberries, bananas, strawberries, agava and coconut shavings. It’s the perfect breakfast meal! Their prices are a bit pricy but everything is made there and the juices are freshly pressed in glass bottles. I think it’s worth it 🙂


Thanks for reading today’s post. I’m sorry my postings have been so off lately. I haven’t been in the blogging mood. If you liked today’s post please click the like button and don’t forget to subscribe. I hope you do try this place, it’s awesome and I think you would love it 🙂

Reinvent Juicery:  6701 N. Milburn Ave #150 Fresno, Ca 93722

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