Blogging Schedule Changed.

Hi Everyone,

I have not been in the blogging mood. Within the first week and a half of January, the world lost David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Everyone knows my favorite movie is the Labyrinth and I grew up reading/ watching Harry Potter. Safe to say, cancer sucks. This is not the way I imagined 2016 starting off but sadly this is part of life.


I needed a break to get back to a positive mindset. It took awhile, but I’m finally back. I tried to think of some positive things coming up and I realized, I’m graduating this semester! This is my last time fighting over parking spots, buying textbooks and being chased by squirrels!!! Yes I get chased by squirrels… don’t ask and please don’t feed them.


Every marketing student (at my University) must take Strategic Planning in Marketing their senior year. I always wondered, “why my senior year?” until now. Every single time I step into that class, we are always working on a creative project. Did I mention we just started last week?

My professor wants me to “think outside the box” and for me to get into my creative side, I need to have some extra time. I really want to do well in this class… That being said, I will be cutting my blog days to Tuesdays instead of Tuesday and Thursday. This will be a temporary thing; until I have more time, I’ll add some occasional posts. I hope you understand what’s going on. If you don’t like the changed schedule, I’m sorry but I hope you will still keep reading my blog.

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