December/ January Favorites.

Hi Everyone,

I just realized I never did a December Favorites post.. and it’s February. I’m a terrible blogger. To make up for December, I decided I will combine my December and January favorites for today. Just a fair warning, this one is going to be long but I promise it’s good! Enjoy!


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Remember when I got E. Coli and I constantly throwing up? I was also not allowed to work out for about a two months by my doctors orders. E.Coli completely ruined my body; I became super depressed, I lost weight (in the worst way ever) and I lost all of my muscles. I told myself, “when I get better, I’m going back to Pilates”. Thankfully I got better at the end of December and I was in a pilates studio by January! Thanks Pilates Street for kicking my butt back into shape!

Erin Corden Planner


My lovely friend and fellow blogger, Avec Valerie, has been doing Plan with Me blog posts the past couple of months. If you’ve never heard of Plan with Me, she shows her readers how she plans out her month with her Erin Corden planner. Can I just say, Valerie is doing an amazing job! I love how she designs/ organizes her planner that it was giving me major FOMO. I needed a new planner for the new year so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and order an Erin Corden planner. My sticker use is no match to Valeries, but I feel like I’m doing a decent job 🙂 One things for sure, it’s the most organized planner that I’ve owned!

Garnier Cleansing Water


(image from Boots)

I have been looking for Garnier Cleansing Water ever since Tanya Burr talked about it in one of her favorites! I have super sensitive skin and harsh makeup removers makes my skin super dry. This makeup remover is suppose to be gentle on your skin and I knew I needed it! I was so close to buying this makeup remover from the UK!! It’s finally in the States and I went to my nearest drug store to buy it. You guys… I’m obsessed!!!! It makes my skin super smooth and removes all of my makeup!

2 Broke Girls


(Source: Tumblr)

I know 2 Broke Girls has been around for awhile but I re-fell in love with this show. I forgot how funny this show was and it’s so relevant with it’s pop culture references! Plus, Sophie is hilarious. Who would of thought Stifler’s mom could do so many accents?

Water Infuser Pitcher


(image from Brit + Co.)

I am not a huge soda person; I prefer water, tea and juice however it can get a bit boring. I received a water infuser pitcher from my boss as a white elephant gift which was perfect since I actually wanted one of these! You can cut up some fruit, put it in your water, leave it in the fridge overnight and it makes your water taste amazing! Plus it’s healthy! I love putting cucumbers and strawberries in mine! Brit + Co. just posted a bunch of water infused recipes on their website and I cannot wait to try it! Thanks Ryan for the awesome gift!

Harry Potter Bath Bomb


(image from BabyCornSoaps)

I love Harry Potter. I also love bath bombs. When I found a Harry Potter Bath Bomb on Etsy, I screamed. If you ever wonder how it feels to take a Butterbeer bath, this is it. Make sure to check it out at BabyCornSoaps!

Hot Water Bottle


(image from Tumblr)

 Two years ago I use to own an electric blanket… Until a drunk girl threw up on it. So I don’t have one anymore. I could replace my blanket but they’re expensive and I’m too lazy to go buy another one. California has been experiencing cold weather (gasp!) and I can only put the heater up so much! I’m being a major grandma and I’ve put a hot water bottle under my blankets. Don’t judge me, it keeps my toes warm! And if you say, “you can wear socks” no I can’t. I throw my socks off in my sleep.

A Color Story


(Image from A Color Story)

A Beautiful Mess has released a new app called, A Color Story. This app helps make your photo’s colors pop! I was iffy about it in the beginning but now I love it! This app really does make your picture look better. Make sure to check it out, it’s free right now!

One Piece Swimsuits


(Source: Tumblr)

Yes a swimsuit was one of my favorites in December.. Sounds extremely weird right? Well I spent my Christmas in Hawaii. I’m more of a bikini person but I am loving this one piece swimsuit trend. I feel like Beyonce and I don’t have to worry about my abs!

Inside Out


(Source: Tumblr)

When I was flying to Hawaii, one of the movies that they had was Inside Out. This movie made me cry.. I ugly cried on the plane… In front of people…. When there was sunlight. I really like this movie because it’s a totally different Disney movie. This movie shows us it’s ok to be sad which is something that we all need to hear. I feel like as humans we believe we should be happy 24/7 but it’s not realistic. Shit happens. We get angry, we get moody, we get scared and we get sad. Yea it’s not the best feelings in the world but that’s what makes us human.

Those are just some of my favorites 🙂 if you liked today’s post please click the like button and don’t forget to subscribe. I usually post on Tuesdays but with my busy schedule, it can vary. To my devoted readers, thank you for being so patient with me! I am literally working on projects every single day.

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