Birthday Giveaway!

Hi Everyone,

My birthday is coming up… Surprise! I’m getting old! I am not a huge fan of celebrating my birthday; I love celebrating my friend’s birthdays but I hate celebrating mine. Don’t ask, I’m just weird. Typically people guy gifts for those celebrating their birthday. I wanted to do something different. I teamed up with my favorite acne company, Lexli, to do another Lexli Skincare giveaway!!!


Here are the rules to win a free acne kit:

  1. Like Lexli’s Facebook page
  2. Leave a post telling them they were sent by me
  3. Why you need an acne kit

Only one person will win, so make sure to head over to their Facebook page ASAP! This giveaway ends March 29th.

That’s about it for today. If if you liked today’s post, make sure to click the like button and make sure to subscribe to my blog 🙂

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