April Favorites.

Hi Everyone!!!

My huge class projects are DONE!!!!!!


I’ve missed blogging so much! I’m so happy it’s finally May because I’m graduating in a couple of weeks!! And I’m planning a lot of fun things for the summer!! But for now because I haven’t blogged since April, I wanted to update you guys on some of my favorite things 🙂 Let’s go!



BEYONCÉ RELEASED A NEW ALBUM AND IT’S MIND BLOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s be honest, if this wasn’t on my April Favorites, then I don’t deserve to be apart of the Beyhive 🐝🍋 If you haven’t listen to Lemonade yet, you’re missing out.

Ivy Park


Beyonce didn’t just release a new album, she released a new clothing line with Topshop! Her line is PERFECT and it’s not too expensive. I got a couple of items but my absolute favorite is the white bomber jacket! It’s made out of this mesh material which is perfect for that awkward spring transitioning to summer weather.



I know Kylie Jenner thinks chokers are out of style, but I love them! They fulfill my 90s heart. Chokers are super easy to make but because of my busy schedule, I decided to buy this one at Nasty Gal.

Child of Wild


April can represent something, for me it represents the month of Coachella. I have never been to Coachella and every time Coachella comes around, I always purchase bohemian/festival clothing.. I think it’s my way of coping on missing out on the Coachella experience. This year, I purchased a Child of Wild choker and I’m pretty sure this is the heaviest choker I’ve ever owned.  I really like the look of it but I also love that I can layer it with chain necklaces. I’ll probably weight an extra 5 pounds but you gotta do it for fashion.

Furry Bean Bag Chair


Every time I went into HomeGoods I would always run into this large fur bean bag chair. I love faux fur furniture so I told myself, if this fur bean bag chair is still here in April, I’ll buy it. Guess who’s typing their April Favorites on a large fur bean bag chair? This girl.



I love flowers but I absolutely hate spring because I have terrible allergies. My allergies kill me to the point I get bronchitis and of course, I got bronchitis during the week of my biggest presentation.  I took tons of meds in April but the one that helped me the most was Flonase. Did you know they sell this over the counter now??



One of by best friends bought me Cravings by Chrissy Teigen. I love Chrissy Teigen, she is so funny and I’ve been wanting her cookbook forever. Now I know it’s not a vegan cookbook, but I wanted to see what she made and figure out a way to make it vegan. Thanks Ashley for the awesome present!!! Also, Chrissy Teigen liked one of my Instagram pics!!!!

Thank you guys for understanding my situation, I really appreciate it and I’m so excited to be done with school! If you liked today’s post, please click the like button and don’t forget to subscribe. I’ll have my normal blogging schedule back to date! 🙂

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